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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Monthly Protection Services

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I think you will agree with me that it is a cold, cruel world out there.
I used to believe that there were more good people than there are bad however after having spent time online and on social media, I’ve come to the conclusion that my former viewpoint is flawed.
While yes there are some good people out there they do little to nothing because they have the "idiot box" (re: TV) to hold their attention and they believe the corporate sponsored media outlets who fund the news programs that are on the airwaves. So they end up doing what? Nothing. That leaves us with the majority of the miscreants, knuckleheads, addicts, losers, morons, and wasted fools who believe whatever some wealthy jackass tells them is true.
Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, there IS a lot of darkness prevalent in our society, no matter where you live. It’s bad enough you try to protect yourself and identity from fraud, now you have to try and protect yourself from loose cannons who shoot up movie theaters, shopping malls, schools and clubs. Ever wonder WHY everyone is trying to move out and away from the suburbs out into the countryside and why those old farm house prices are soaring? Think about it.
So what does this mean? There are a LOT of angry, mean spirited, hate-filled people out there who are violent, stupid and crazy. Of course this doesn’t mean these lunatics want to do you harm specifically however if you just happen to be unlucky enough to be near them while they let loose on a rampage, well....
There are ex-spouses who lose their cool and start trouble from slashing vehicle tires or murder their entire family at a gathering/party. Do I have to remind you of these gory situations? I shouldn't, the news is chock full of such incidents and more of them are coming. Even suburbs are no longer safe where thugs sell illegal substances on street corners to elementary school children in broad daylight with impunity while local Police often look the other way. Sometimes these ‘deals’ go sour and drive by violence erupts.
Or the disgruntled employee who has had it with the nasty supervisor. How many of these have we heard about over the years? It’s become a central part of our daily news broadcasts that some comedians have brazenly joked about such things! The only sad part of all this horrid physical violence? The quiet victims who can no longer speak because they’re dead.
Now it’s time to turn the tables. I have at my disposal, the wherewithal to assign a personal spirit to your protection. This will be like a personal, spiritual security whose job it is to veer you out of the path of such violence and keep you safe! Further the spirit’s job will also include your spiritual protection as well. 
Spiritual protection covers many areas as well, too many to list here. Suffice to say, the spirit will act as your personal bodyguard to keep you free from personal psychic attacks. Though no protection is ultimately foolproof, realize that against most attacks, this will work quite well.
These spirits are alive from a living tradition and they come with their own aides, lieutenants and assistants. (Thus, you’re getting more than one spirit assigned to you!)
Currently I have two customers that I have been protecting for several years now and I am only interested in taking on a few more, thus first come, first served. I’m looking for long term customers and if you’re interested in getting in on this, contact me and let us talk.
Spiritual Hand Reading REQUIRED BEFORE any price is discussed.

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