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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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The Book of Prayer

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Tired of the really crappy, so-called prayer books that when you try to use them, nothing happens? This should not be the case with this particular prayer book! Why? The author, Jean Kent has created a booklet that will give you the upper hand in your Magic with this little prayer book!


What you will find in this small, 113 page booklet gives you a TRUE SECRET (no bull!) of how to get these mystical and biblical prayers to actually work for you. In here you'll discover more than just the missing names of God, but also the proper spelling of these mysterious names of power.


The lesson begins on the Introductory page where Mr. Kent, a Haitian Vodu houngan of considerable power and influence, explains to you how to get these prayers to actually work. We're not talking typical Qabala or so-called 'secrets' as promised in other books but a real, yet simple secret that isn't printed anywhere else. In all of the thousands of books I've read and owned since 1987, the start of my own occult practices, NOTHING comes close to real instruction like this booklet does! Yes I know that's a big claim to make and the book can back it up.


This is information you will not find on the Net nor in any trade  paperback or even hardcover book regardless of whether the atuhor is new age, Wiccan or some scholar ceremonial magician. This is truly a very rare tidbit of information that once you have it, will help you increase the power of your prayers and results many times over.


In here you will also find some lore from the Bible and a quick discussion of the Sign of the Cross and how to correctly invoke it. You'll then learn what prayers should be said first thing in the morning and which ones should be said before retiring at night. There is also a prayer to Invoke Your Guardian Angel (that actually works) and even some Qabalistic passwords of power.


There are Prayers for All Days of the Week to obtain blessings and prayers for when you feel ill as well as prayers of select Psalms. By the way, do you know which Psalm is considered to be the most powerful and beneificial? It's in here as well as how to properly get it to work for you.


You will also find Prayers to the Dead in here! Do you have any Ancestors who you wish to placate? You'll find prayers that will calm them down and help them to rest better or may even be able to obtain their assistance in your life to achieve your goals and dreams. You'll also find out how to properly use The Lord's Prayer which is something that 99.99% of Catholics (and their priests) do NOT know how to do, let alone Magicians.


You'll also find litanies for you to use in your Magics as well as prayers in Greek, Hebrew & Latin AND the cool part is the Hebrew prayers are written phonetically so that you can obtain the benefit of their power without having to be a linguist.


None of these prayers require candles (though there are prayers for working with candles) or anything other than to pray them daily for their effect. In fact, if you spend time reading a certain prayer each day for 21 days, after the 21st day you should start to see the benefit of the prayer and its power working for you.


Examples of Results:

* I gave a select prayer to a female client for physical ailments and when she used it for a few days, she noticed her headaches went away and her female cramping had considerably lessened

* I had another client pray a certain prayer for 9 days and the three people who owed him money (collectively almost $2K) ended up paying him back in full

* I worked a prayer for a client who was trying to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend and he ended up asking her out on a date.

* My elderly mother had the flu and I prayed a certain prayer for her to get better and in forty eight hours, the flu virus had left her completely

* I recently used the 91st Psalm to protect a client who had legal trouble and the offending party never showed up in court!


There is also a prayer for helping you to succeed in business that could be potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars to you (if not more.) In a tight economy, this prayer alone could help save a business or help an individual or team of sales reps bring in the money.


Some prayers can be written on paper and carried with you or put into a child's lunch box for them to obtain blessings. Imagine your kid doing better in school or behaving better for you. What would that alone be worth to you?


This is NOT a booklet that you will find at Amazon nor on any used book sites. This was originally self-published using a typewriter that Jean later had typed into a DOS doc file and stored on a floppy disk.


Also, this is NOT a book to be left lying on your shelf but rather to be used regularly. Even if you're put off by Christianity and the Bible, this is a booklet of how to get their own Magic to work for you. Imagine being able to use their own prayers against them while they simply struggle and falter.


You'll find prayers for all things such as helping you to obtain blessings, for protection, for prosperity, for your business, for the Dead, for candleburning, litanies, healings, The Seven Penitential Psalms, Names of God, and much more.


This rare booklet is worth several times its asking price.  Again this is NOT a booklet for you to buy then let sit on your shelf next to your Anna Riva or Hoodoo books; this is a booklet of real power (I've experimented with these prayers and yes they DO work) when used properly with faith and desire. If you practice Magic or Hoodoo, you will find a strong chord struck within you that will activate once you begin a regular regimen of these prayers.


The secret to making these prayers work is literally worth tens of thousands of dollars but you can get it here for mere for a pittance. Oh and the other thing I forgot to mention about this really cool booklet is that the secret is split into TWO parts because you're told HOW to get these prayers to work for others when YOU pray them. So if you're a budding Spiritual Worker, then the investment in this booklet will help you to help your clients in a very powerful way. :)


If you're a practitioner or Spiritual Worker who wants the upper hand, why on earth would you possibly want to share these secrets with others? You'd only be giving them your upper hand for free. Get this booklet, now, and give yourself the upper hand in real Magic for real results.


Eric Shute in New Jersey who shares his experience with us: "So yesterday was my buddies bachelor party day.  We went to Atlantic City and I rode with my friend mike.  I took the book I just got from you and was reading through it on the way.  My buddy mike was like "hey why don't you say a prayer for us to make money." So, I read the one for money.  I went to Atlantic City with $20 in my pocket and came home with $1,500 from winning on the slot machines.   None of my friends could believe it.  I think God's angel was with me."