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Master Book of Psalms

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The book of Biblica Psalms with Hebrew pass words and pass phrases, explanations of usage and purposes, for all forms of protection, healing, love procurement, sex and its issues, money and wealth issues, spiritual guidance and strength, insights, power and every day usage. You'll learn far more here than you will from any other dozen so-called Psalm or prayer books combined. Guaranteed.

Hebrew pass words and phrases are sacred words and phrases from Hebrew spirits that are Qabalistic words of power that you use prior to your reading of the Psalm. They were given to the author by these spirits directly and told to use them for these particular Psalms and verses.

You'll also find names of sacred spirits listed within the various verses of the Psalms that you can call on directly during the praying of the Psalm. No other Psalm book offers this. These Psalms are highlighted in bold so that you know who they are and how to find them quickly. Again you will NOT find this in any other Psalm book out there!

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