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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Moloch's Books > The Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment
The Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment

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Written by Brother Moloch 969, a Metaphysical and Occult Practitioner since 1987.

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Personal Testimonials

"I have found it very well written, easy to understand, too good solid straightforward information presented, which I can honestly admit, I have not found this type of information to read from anywhere else. I find it very practical and liked how well you get to the point with overcoming doubt and fears and other issues relating to spiritual work and success. Many of your methods have helped me to realise as well as understand alot better about myself and bad habits and how I can relate to myself spiritually, mentally and physically and use the easy methods to create the changed I want in me. There are many practical solutions that you have offered and mentored which I find very valuable and useful -in this amazing insightful book which is a bonus to me. Your methods have not only helped me open up to many ideas and possibilities but have encouraged me to follow the methods very positively and take action cause the ideas and methods are easy to apply. I am grateful with how well you have overly stated many issues concerning the mind and in relation to metaphysical stuff, I do realise that you want to get the message across to how simply things can be changed to our advantage.

"Thank you so much!"

Jade Nguyen, London, England

"Moloch, there are some real doozies out there on how to develop your majickal muscles but yours is the most basic, simplest and coherent book Iv'e read in some time. It makes sense and you're not wordy like many authors are. I like how you lay things out in this book because I can see where my deficiencies are and then work to overcome them. I bought this book two years ago when you first published it. I read it then knuckled down to give the program  real working for the six month period you recommended. Daily I followed the exercises and used my MP3 players recorder for the affirmations. Then I tried my hand with your Pragmatic Magics and some other spell books like Draja Mickaharic's A Century of Spells and some Hoodoo spells. The results were way more than I anticipated. I got a new job making more than $20K a year than my previous salary, a company car and other great perks and benefits at this job. I then focused on getting myself a girlfriend that everyone said was unreachable for me: a hot, young, buxom stripper! It took me three and a half weeks of solid working but she succumbed to my desire and gave me her number and we've been going out for six weeks now. Life is great! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Evan Taylor, New York

"Dear Sir, your book on metaphysics has really helped me with my magick. I think clearer and this alone has helped me alot. How do I order more of your books? I want the entire set. Thank you."

Elaine, New Hampshire

I picked up a copy of Brother Moloch's "The Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment" a while back, and I'm glad that I did. Simple, straightforward, to the point, and written in a way that my mom could work with and derive results from. Brother Moloch's writing style is more reminiscent of a conversation with a friend over coffee than of a "development" book, which makes for an easy read. Bottom line: get it, use it, and see results. It works.

- Tom Garman

If you tire of buying run-of-the-mill magic books that are unable to work for you, then this booklet can help. Herein you will find spiritual exercises that are designed at helping you to develop your extra-normal occult and metaphysical senses so that you can work ANY metaphysical system from a book or spell working you invent yourself. I designed this clear system for the complete Novice who would come to me complaining they couldn’t get any spells from books to work. I created some simple to intermediate exercises, procedures & techniques as well as tossed in a generous amount of tips, tricks & suggestions so that you can use this booklet as a guide for your personal training. Remember if you wish to become an acrobat, you have to learn basic tumbling right? Then you need the proper info on how to get the most out of your mind. 
You need this booklet and the simple and uncomplicated exercises it offers. Before you waste yet more money on another expensive occult book, GET THIS BOOKLET TODAY! I promise if you dedicate 6 months to a year and a day practicing these simple exercises you will become a force to be reckoned with -  even as a seasoned practitioner of the sorcerous arts because by that time you should be able to crack open any metaphysical/occult text, and perform any spell to get results of a fruitful nature.
Sure many occult books today include some exercises but they don’t offer everything you need just a few as suggestions. They’re added in more as a placebo or as confidence boosting nature. What you need is a complete workout system as I’ve laid out in this little 54 page booklet. Does a couple of push ups and a few sit ups help you to lose all of the weight and get the body you desire OR do you need to adopt a complete workout routine that focuses on helping you shed the weight you want? Think about it. If you want to be serious about your magical practices then get this booklet and start working out. It’s fun and you can do the exercises virtually anywhere as I’ve done them at work, in my parked car, on a bus, on a train, at a boring party, you name it.

Here is real power for you to learn and develop and the only thing stopping you IS YOU. Order my booklet today and start your mental workout. Follow the instructions and record your results. Have fun with it. As you grow so will your power and influence. In its short 54 pages, you’ll find simple, easy to follow procedures & techniques to help you get the real results you’ve been searching for. Stop putting off the results you want and get moving on the new life you deserve now.

Order direct from www.lulu.com and receive fast shipment!