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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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The Dark Arts Of Tarantula

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Are you ready? This is the first book from the newest MolochSorcery author, "Tarantula".

This booklet is 50 pages long and it covers a wide variety of secret techniques and dark secrets most of which are too shocking to publish by mainstream publishers!!!

Do you yearn for real power? Tarantula shows you how to get it in no uncertain terms! This isn't your typical wishy-washy cookbook of spells you've seen elsewhere! No! This is a booklet that will give you everything you need to know on how to effectively crush an enemy so soundly that he'll never recover! Plus you'll learn how to get your own Spirit Familiar from a Demon; how to make a pledge with a Dark Patron of Power; the Binding of a Demon; How to Get a Spirit Familiar; Workings to Perform with Your Spirit Familiar; How to increase your prosperity; how to punish someone; Reward and punishment regarding your Spirit Familiar; How to rain down destruction on an enemy; how to create hostility between a couple or group of people; and much more!

There is even a ritual in here that I have never seen before and this is how to curse an object for getting revenge! Rare information that you just cannot find anywhere else! This is a MUST HAVE booklet to add to your collection.

You'll also find within the proper way to conduct a Mortis Novena and why you'll want to do one as soon as possible! This is yet another rare technique that you won't find in mainstream Occult texts.

Another rarely disussed subject is Artificial Spirits. Tarantula does a fine job discussing their creation but he also cites examples and how he managed them properly! You'll learn this rarely taught art and how you can tap into the limitless potential that A.S. offer for only pennies!

Then Tarantula talks about a subject he has been quiet about for over thirty years - the Baron Zaraguin Family of LWA Spirits! Yes that's right! We're talking real VOODOO LOA and how he came to know them. You'll also learn how to work with them and how to gain admittance into the Were-Spider Guild of Sorcerers!

New Edition Exclusive: Now get the original Vevers of the Zaraguin Family! Included at no additional cost!

59 pages with color cover. Saddle stitched binding printed by LuLu.com for MolochSorcery.com  No refunds. All sales final. Replacement copy only for manufacturer's defect.

NOTICE! Before you purchase, please understand that this booklet is privately written and even though I've done all I can (aside from purchasing professional proof reading services) to ensure there are minimal errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, I was not an English major thus expect to find errors. If this bothers you, then do not purchase. Mind you, the errors do not distract from the quality of information and hundreds of people ahead of you have purchased these books & courses  and were quite capable of making use of the information. Still, I do not wish for you to be unhappy so please do NOT expect Strunk & White's Elements of Style to be included in these offerings.