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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
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Spiritual Hand Reading

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: $350.00
Prod. Code: consult


This reading has a LOT of work to be performed as I will look into your palms to find out which Spirit rules your Head and then later that night, summon this LWA to find out what I need to do to get you back on track & being happy.

Because I need to summon the Spirit that rules your head, I will need extra time to prepare for this ritual and procure the requisite ingredients for the ceremony.

* If you’re in business and wish to increase your customer & clientele, THIS is what you need.

* If you’re interested in getting married & want to know how I can help your potential mate to keep from wandering, THIS is what you need.

* If you’re job hunting and feel you want that extra boost to land a really GOOD job then THIS is what you need.

* If you’re interested in some hottie yet not sure if s/he’s right for you, THIS is what you need.

Any many more situations exist where this level of personal consultation is needed instead of just a plain old reading as most will give you.

[Please Note: This reading is a consultation with the Spirits only and it does NOT cover the cost of potential ritual work afterwards to be performed as you requested. Rather this is what must be done BEFORE I agree to take on your case. It is a consultation and the fee is non-refundable with no exceptions! The actual spiritual work I agree to perform for you will incur separate charges. Please be aware of this.]

What I will need includes:

1. Recent photograph of yourself - face shot is acceptable - NO SUNGLASSES!

2. Photograph of your washed and dried hands

a. Use an 10+ megapixel (or higher) digital camera (yes camera phones are okay so long as they have the right megapixel quality desired) to take the photographs at about 2 to 3 feet away from your hands

b. use the zoom function so the photos are clear with sharp, distinct lines to be seen but NOT blurred images. Note: the TINIEST lines aka whorls in your hands are the most important thus they must be clear and not blurry! These are the tiny lines police use to fingerprint with and when viewed closely, they're in  your palms as well. I'm NOT interested in the traditional Life Line and other Palm Reader stuff because that is NOT what I seek. I am trying to clearly see the tiny whorls in your fingers (from tips to the pads), palms (from pads to wrist & side to side) and the sides of your thumbs. That is what I need to see but again the tiny TINY lines which must be sharp and clear. Period or else I cannot help you or it will delay your work.

Your hands MUST be still and whoever is taking the photos MUST keep their hands still as any slight movement causes the images to blur. Take more than one or two, take 8 or 9 and then use the clearest of the images. Check by enlarging each image by  several hundred percent with a software program (I use MS Paint) and if you cannot see the tiny whorls clearly, then the image Will... NOT... WORK!

Hand Exaple One: Rings should NOT be worn


Hand Example Two: lay them flat against a neutral background to ensure no blurry images

c. one photograph for both hands side by side and one photo each for each hand making 3 hand photographs in all

d. Send recent photo of your face  alone, no one else & no sunglasses, staight on face shot. Make certain your face fills up most of the image - meaning don't take it five feet away or something. 

e. Send your full date of birth as well please

Email all photos to me, remit the funds and I'll get to work on this for you!

BONUS! As of July 1st, 2018, we're now giving you three extra pieces of free information when you order this consultation. You will receive not only who your Head Spirit and what other spirits who walk with you are but you will also receive which Qabalistic God, Archangel and Angel are yours to work with based on birth data! This means you'll have three extra spirits you can make contact with using the Hebrew password provided to you and petition Them to help you make your life a better! AND if that wasn't enough, you'll also receive your specific Biblical Psalm verse that is suited for just you! Again all mathematically based on your birth data.

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS for this reading because it is both costly to me, time consuming as well as physically taxing.

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