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Spiritual Readings > Holy Astragals Reading - 3 Questions
Holy Astragals Reading - 3 Questions

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The Holy Astragals is a method of Divination where I summon a spirit and ask It three basic questions for you. By basic questions I mean they must be answerable in a “Yes / No / Maybe” format only. This is not a Divinatory system that allows for complex answers unless you desire to go a more intense route of question and answers which will take me far more time and obviously cost more $$$.

Here you are allowed THREE simple questions where you can be given a yes, no or a maybe as your answers. If the spirit gives a maybe then that typically means your question needs to be re-asked in a way than you did the first time.
I have used the Holy Astragals for years as a terrific Divination system however they do require the use of a Spirit present so they are more than just rolling two six sided dice together. This is my first time offering this service to the general public.

Please understand this is NOT a Divination intended to use for any sort of spiritual work! Instead this is for asking spirits simple things that can be answered in a Yes/No/Maybe format and often for SIMPLE, EVERYDAY things such as "Should I date So-&-So?" or "Is it a good idea to take time off now for my vacation?" or "Is buying that new car the right time for me?" and other simple everyday questions. It is NOT intended for resolving heavy issues like love, love reconciliation, enemies, gambling, addiction, and so on.

Before I can perform this Divination I must have the three basic questions from you ahead of time so when you order this Divination, please send me the questions along immediately or else I will not be able to perform the Divination and will only delay things until you cooperate.
Again realize your answers to your questions will be in the form of a Yes, No or Maybe format!

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS for this reading because it is both costly to me and time consuming as well as physically taxing.

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