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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Involved Tarot Reading

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Please email me a recent photograph of you (no glasses or sunglasses), your full birth name and date of birth. Please allow me plenty of time to perform this complex divination as I must summon my divinatory spirit then wait for It to appear and work with me on your reading.

This is a more intense reading than the Level One reading because it utilizes the Tree of Life spread over the Four Qabalistic Worlds. It is a quite complex and requires a LOT of time, effort and meditation to work out properly. Thus please allow time for me to work on this for you and email you the reading when finished - and due to my heavy schedule, it may take as long as couple to three weeks to get to so unless you are in an immediate hurry, I need to know otherwise plan on waiting for an answer. Further if you ARE in a hurry and I have to rush, then I won't be able to rely on my Divinatory spirit for assistance.

Is This Really Necessary?
Often I am asked,"Why do I need to order a reading before you perform any working for me?"
The simple answer to that is often there are unknown circumstances which are hidden from us that affect our lives. In some cases it can be past-life karma; or even hidden feelings and heavy emotions such as anger, guilt, jealousy,etc which need to be dealt with; hidden rival enemies who are working against you (either magical or not) behind the scenes; even perhaps an upset or angry Ancestor who needs placating; all of these things can be brought forth in a Level Two reading which allows me to peer into things to see whether or not this ritual will be a success or not. Because there is no sense in spending good $$$ until certain problems and issues are dealt with first, am I correct?.
You can ask up to five simple questions with this. If you do not understand what a simple question is, please read the instructions below...
Difference Between Simple & Multi-Layered Questions
If you ask, “Is my life crossed up?” that is an example of a simple question. Or if you ask, “Will my marriage to So-and-So work out?” that is another simple question. “Will my son graduate high school this year?” is also a simple question. Do you see?
However if you try to ask layered questions (i.e. where there are questions within a question), then that cannot be answered simply because all of the questions within have relevance and must be addressed for your question to be fully answered. For example, “I’m up for promotion at work and my boss has issues with me, will he promote me anyway?” That is a layered question because we need to discern if your boss truly has issues with you when promotions come around because he may not dislike you as much as you believe and secondly his personal feelings about you may not color his judgment about promoting you thus this is a multi-part type or what I call a Layered Question. The simple way of asking the same question would be: "It is promotion time at work; will I get a promotion this time around?" That is a fair and simple question to ask. Get it?
Now if you wish to know about your relationship with your boss, then you should ask, “How does my boss feel about my work?” Most folks would just ask, “How does my boss feel about me?” which is multi-layered since that implies you personally and professionally. Well most supervisors & managers are professional and typically look at work performance, project completed on time, accuracy, days missed/absenteeism, personal or family emergencies, and things like t hat. If you have had an excess amount of drama in your life that may have disrupted the office or your position a bit, yes you may need to perform a divination to discover what s/he is thinking about you & your career path. Then have a sit down with him/her to address your concerns. This is how Readings & Sorcery can help you survive in the rat race. It’s what I did.
PLEASE NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS for this reading because it is both costly to me and time consuming as well as physically taxing.

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