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Advanced Talismans
Note to Moloch
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These are hand crafted Talismans made by myself during the proper timings including Lunar phases as well as Planetary Hours. I work with medieval astrology where and when possible. Otherwise I summon the spirits governing the talisman and enact their aid to bless and consecrate it thus bypassing the need to wait for several years for slow moving planetary bodies to come into alignment such as Jupiter and Saturn.

Further each talisman is consecrated, blessed and empowered by myself and THEN it is placed inside my Radionic Sorcerer's Box and set on my altar atop a holy book between two lit candles. 

No one else is doing this but yours truly. :)

NOTICE: Each talisman is made according to your situation. I will need your Date of Birth, full name & nature of the request. If needed you're welcome to email me to impart more details to me for your need. I will also need your current photograph as my spirits work off of your image for best effect. If the talisman is for someone else, then I will need THEIR photograph instead.

For these talismans, I use wood as a base and the Element & Planet according to either Al-Biruni or Agrippa, depending on what my spirits tell me to use, I will paint, may use Sculpey or Fimo, add semi-recious stones, glitter, printed images or whatever I am inspired to use to make your talisman so long as it WORKS and provides you with what you desire. You will also receive a free bottle of 7 Mighty Men cologne to put into a spray bottle to spritz your talisman with.

Further Note: I do not sell "Lotto/Lottery Winning" talismans. You could get a Luck talisman that will increase your overall luckiness but that's no guarantee you're going to win the lottery or scratch off tickets either. Any Gambling talismans, oils or such that I sell are for traditional games of chance, NOT lotteries! Thus if you purchase one hoping to hit it big with a lotto/lottery, you are wasting your time and money. Buy a Gambler's talisman and use it for playing poker, blackjack, craps, pitching pennies, Bingo, pool hustling, the dog or horse track or any other traditional way of gambling.

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