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Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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MolochSorcery Oils Level TWO 4 dram
Level Two Special Oils
Note to Moloch
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These oils are far more potent and made than regular oils are. For example the Love Interest Special oil is for when someone you are interested in knows you but has not been showing you the same interest back. Thus you use this on both yourself, image candles, photographs, charms & charm bags to carry, and any trinkets you may opt to purchase to give as a gift to the person - for instance say she's into dolphins so you buy her a small pewter dolphin for her desk at work. Gently anoint the pewter dolphin with a single drop of the Love Interest Special oil while chanting your desire for her to open up her heart toward and find you irresistibly attractive or however you desire for her to want you.

Special oils come in a 4 dram size amber bottle. One drop is all that's usually needed. Anoint wallets & purses, doors, windows, tools, your altar, talismans, candles and etc. If you need ideas on how to employ these and other MolochSorcery oils, please refer to my booklet, "Moloch's Guide to Using Sorcery Formulas" available --> HERE along with all of my other books at