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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Ritual Writing Service

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Over the 30+ years I have been involved in Sorcery, Witchery and Vodu, I have met a number of people from all walks of life at festivals, gatherings, drum circles, stores, workshops, and so forth. Many are the ones who have asked me to help them with writing a ritual or spell for their personal use. I’ve had some real successes with this and frankly I attribute it mostly to the diligence of the individual who listened to me and did what I told them to do.
I have written rituals for practitioners both young & old, experienced and Novices alike. Some of the ones who took time to follow my rites, spells and incantations have had some very interesting results to say the least! One client followed my advice and his S/O came back to him. This after he kept fiddling around with grimoires and other books trying to get results.
Another client wrote me from a well known online forum about his female issues. He said he was using a popular Australian occultists short-cut MagicK books and was getting zero for his results. I gave him a how-to for his situation and like magic...
Had a student in Colorado who wanted to help her neighbor with a situation of selling his home which sat on the market for over two years. So I gave her a simple spell to perform for his particular house and within a short amount of time, I think a 14 day period, he had a legit buyer.
Many years ago, the now late Mz Lilith had someone she wanted some advice about. This someone was a dear friend of Lilith’s and this dear friend had Cancer. Lilith was just starting out way back then so she didn’t have a whole lot so I gave her a simple working to do using her Tarot deck and a couple of other things. According to Lilith, the dear friend’s Cancer began to recede almost immediately after she began to work on this individual. Last Lilith told me, this dear friend was still alive.
Give me a try and let me see what my talents and spirits can help you with. :)