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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Level One Oils

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Level One Oils - these are oils made according to exacting & rigorous standards. Most of the recipes are either from my own home grown research or direct from spirits Themselves. Either way these recipes work for most folks in most general situations.

While not specifically formulated for adorning the physical body with, these oils "may" be worn on your person although with the utmost CAUTION and it is wise to first test them just in case your skin has an allergic reaction to the oil blend. Try a small dab of the oil on a safe place such as one of your wrists to see if you have a reaction or not. if your skin turns red or something then obviously do not use the oil and seek a professional physician's advice about caring for any adverse skin reaction.

The general use for these oils is to use them for such things as to dress (re: anoint) your candles, talismans, tools, altars & shrines, door lintels, window sills, and etc, with. The oils come pre-blessed and empowered so they are ready to be used.

Banishment - removes undesired spirit guests from your domicile

Beat His Ass! - punishment formula for jilted lovers
Block Buster - removes blockages
Bring Back My Lover! - reunites lovers
Confusion - causes confusion to one’s enemies
Healing 1 - mental healing (air)
Healing 2 - emotional healing (water)
Healing 3 - physical healing (earth)
Healing 4 - spiritual healing (fire)
Job Hunting - to help you quickly find work 
Jinx Removal - removes general bad luck
Lovelorn 1 (Hetero) - for male/female couples
Lovelorn 2 (LGBTQ+) - for everyone else! :)
Lovelorn 3 (Non-Gender specific)
Lovelorn 4 - stubborn lover situations
Lucky Gambler 1 - for Bingo players
Lucky Gambler 2 - for scratch off players
Lucky Gambler 3 - for traditional gamblers i.e. poker, horses, etc
Lucky Gambler 4 - for lottery/lotto players
Mercury Tiriel’s Blessing - spirit blessing oil
Money Aid 1 - for weekly paycheck jobs
Money Aid 2 - for salaried jobs
Money Aid 3 - for straight commission jobs
Money aid 4 - for self-employed
Necromancy 1 (Ancestors) - brings you closer to
Necromancy 2 (the Dead) - for working with the Dead
Punishment - a general punishment oil
Road Opener - good for opening all of your paths and roads
Uncrossing (general) - good for anything
Uncrossing Money - when you feel your income is cursed
Uncrossing Love - when you feel your love life is whammied
Uncrossing Luck - when you feel your luck is all but non-existent
Uncrossing Health - when you feel your health is declining fast

Uncrossing Work & Career - when your job seems to be failing

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