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Spiritual Supplies > Egyptian Frankincense (Rare!)
Egyptian Frankincense (Rare!)

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Price: $50.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: egyp_frank

Here is a rare find indeed! I have been able to procure a sizable amount of Egyptian Frankincense also known as Gum Benzoin in its true form. This is a rare resin that is sticky to merely touch and hold but burns on hot church charcoals with a sweet, lovely aroma that quells even the most hardened heart. This is an odor even the 72 from the book of Goetia love and appreciate and is worth your time to get some and burn a small amount for Them as either an offering or as a thank you.
Good for any grimoire working or for any spirit type of working, general meditation or can be mixed with other resins such as copal and frankincense to make a lovely and powerful incense aroma for meditation, spiritual cleansings, holy workings, uncrossings, & etc. 
I am uncertain how much longer I will be able to get this resin at the low price I am at this time thus it behooves you to jump on this as soon as you are able. Well worth your time and effort. Immediate shipment to first come, first served because when it’s gone, it’s gone. 
You will receive ONE FULL OUNCE of this extremely rare, lovely resin for your use.