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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Mars Powder

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Prod. Code: mar_pwdr

Sometimes known or referred to as Vulcan, Weyland Smith, Ares, Khamael, Ogou, and other blacksmith names, this red powder is the embodiment of male dominance, strength, iron/steel, job hunters, technology, personal discipline, military, the Seraphim, and other functional Martial aspects.
Useful for all the above and war when you are beset by enemies or have hidden enemies who are plaguing you. Mars is best for open warfare in these situations be they one or a dozen. Mars powder is an awesome tool to utilize in your repertoire for when those arrogant fools who decide its time to want to fool with you and now you can turn the tables on them by employing your Mars Powder.
Comes in a 1 ounce packet. Very potent.
Blessed by Ogou Ferraile, a very poweerful and Martial/Warrior LWA.