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Cemetery Powder

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Cemetery powder or graveyard dust/dirt is a staple in many necromancers repertoire. It is often used in numerous other spiritual disciplines as well for a wide variety of purposes from crazy things like love magic to sometimes healing but more often than not its real power and purpose lies in destructive sorceries especially in recipes like Conjure Balls or Goofer Dust.
Often people will go to ridiculous as well as extremely dangerous lengths to procure it from both graveyards and cemeteries when they are not initiated thus causing themselves much hassles with the spirit world as well as the legal world since it is illegal in many locales to be in a cemetery or graveyard after dark. Yet your garden variety Hoodoo will wantonly flaunt both of these laws and traipse merrily into these haunted areas to procure this sort of charged dirt when in fact they do not have to do so.
Why Is It So Dangerous?
First off, the Guede (re: the Dead) are nothing to play with because most of them are angry they are dead. Some are angry they are dead because they were killed accidentally, others because they were murdered and many because they left this world with something they didn’t get finished such as raising their children, putting away money, building that home, providing for their workers or some such thing.
Secondly a graveyard (connected to a church) or a cemetery is a place of great power where the dead lie and when you linger there, you subject yourself to taking one of the Guede home with you. This may not turn into a poltergeist situation however an angry Guede can still wreak havoc on your health thus causing you problems when you are not initiated and not having a Head Spirit to protect you.
Even during the light of day, these places of the Dead are no place for good folk to be for very long or in other words you should not stay in them longer than you absolutely have to. If you are there for a grave side ceremony, finish with it and immediately leave; if you are there for pre-Memorial Day clean up of your family’s graves, do what you have to do then immediately get out. Do not be someone who lingers walking around the cemetery when it is not a place you should be. Respect the Dead & Their home. Do not break into these places after dark thinking you are “cool & hip” because you happen to work with some grimoire spirit who changes the dead or some such nonsense. If you need cemetery dirt, I have a solution for you: come to me.
What You Get
A full tablespoon of authentic Cemetery Powder useful for all of your spell work which can last you a very long time provided you use just a tiny pinch of it in your workings because you will not need a lot, only a tiny pinch as it is potent! Others who sell you their so-called "cemetery dirt" which is often just dirt from their own backyard will say you need a teaspoonful per spell or some other nonsense. Ridiculous. Real cemetery powder is potent and has an actual feel to it.
Mine is a potent powder that has been collected from a very old grave (from back in Haiti) with the owners blessing. Then it has been formulated with beach sand and beaches are the largest cemeteries in the world - then it is blessed and consecrated by the Guede and a ritual of necromancy performed over it and finally it sets in a jar in front of my Baron shrine.
The powder is useful for all spells, rites and ceremonies calling for cemetery powder or graveyard dirt, whether the spell is good or bad. Give mine a try because you will be pleasantly satisfied and will NOT have to make some midnight trek to local cemetery and probably bring something unwanted home with you. If you get mine, you won't have to re-purchase cemetery powder for a very long time if all you use is a tiny pinch at a time.
1 potent Tablespoon full.