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Tarantula oil

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Tarantula oil is the oil mentioned in the book, "The Dark Arts of Tarantula" and it is formulated for use with the Were-Spider spirits mentioned in Tarantula's book. You can find the book at www.lulul.com if you wish to delve more into this amazing text to learn how to make your own Thralls and just generally kick ass like no one else’s business.
Tarantula had told me he planned on making a second edition to his book but I had not heard from him in well over a decade. I’m uncertain if he is even alive at this point. The last I heard he was living in the south of France. He gave me the recipe for making the oil and told me I had permission to sell it if I wanted to do so as he had no interest in it.
The Were-Spider spirits are of the Zaraguin family and are very useful for a lot of sorcerous concepts and even day-to-day uses by the clever sorcerer. I named the oil after the book’s author in his honor because I thought it was fitting due to the fact so many readers of his book were enamored with its use. While book doe not require this oil for its use, many have found use of Tarantula oil to help facilitate communication with the Zaraguin family and other Were-Spider spirits to be much easier. 
It comes in a 4 dram sized bottle. Only a single drop is needed.