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Third Eye Spiritual Wash

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Desire to see visions? Wish to open your Third Eye so that you are able to view hidden things others are unable to see? Third Eye Spiritual Wash (TESW) is capable of helping you do just that with, of course your dedication, time & patience.
Why? Because TESW is owned by a particular spirit and if you follow the instructions correctly, the spirit should come to visit you in a glory of light thereby opening your Third Eye slightly so that you begin the journey of seeing things on the other side!
TESW is an actual “wash” meaning you have to apply it to use it however it is NOT a bath. You must understand the difference. This wash is simply applied with clean fingers to your cleaned forehead’s Third Eye area while a prayer is uttered to the spirit who owns the wash. Yeah it's that simple.
To be used at bedtime only on a preferably clean and washed forehead. Use only a couple of drops of this potent wash for it to work. Results most likely will not be immediate however your Psychism should increase as you practice your meditations, Divinations and other PSI practices to help spur your Third Eye's growth until it finally opens for you.  Results vary with each individual. 
Keep away from your regular, seeing eyes!
Sold in a 4 dram sized bottle.
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