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7 Mighty Men Cologne 1 oz

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Behold! The latest offering from my Haitian Vodu house comes the 7 Mighty Men potion. This is not an oil rather it is more of a cologne yet not a perfume and its formulation was shared with me by a powerful Haitian Houngan deep from the heart of Haiti.
It was formulated by seven powerful Barons of Haitian Vodu and its uses are practically endless! It comes in a 1 ounce bottle. You pour the entire contents of the bottle into a small spray bottle and add 2 tablespoons of Spring water as it is already consecrated, empowered . Gently shake and then spray only once to use.
This powerful cologne is used to bring life to things such as:
- papers, woods, metals & minerals 
- talismans
- rings, pendants, necklaces & jewelry
- Gris-Gris & JuJu bags
- dolls, poppets & fetish items
- add power to your altar tools
- spray onto the back of your scrying mirror
- spray directly onto your work table or altar
- spray directly onto your cauldron
- can be used safely with any spiritual tradition
- spray onto your holy books, grimoires, books of shadows, and etc.
10% of the proceeds of this item go directly to the poor in Haiti!
** 7 Mighty Men Uses ** 
Essentially you must spray the item and then offer it to the Four Corners - East –> West –> North –> South (in that order) to bring the spirit of the item "alive". You can easily adapt this technique to your existing method of consecration without any difficulty.
7 Mighty Men are 7 Barons of the Haitian Vodu spirits who belong to the 21 Nations of Barons. These spirits govern both death and life so when you spray an item with 7 Mighty Men, you must state that you are “giving life” to it. For instance (spray with 7MM cologne then state) “(name of item) in the name of the Baron I give life to you!” to each of the Four Corners in turn as explained previously.
1. On Talismans - whether they are home made by yourself or commercially made, a talisman can be made to come alive by spraying this potion onto the talisman once then offering it to the Four Corners in the name of the spirit(s) governing it - typically found printed on the talisman itself or from the grimoire it is originally from. If you created it then you merely bless and consecrate the talisman in the name of whatever spirit it most closely relates to.
2. On Saints Medals - another form of talisman these medals work well for various effects and you can make them come alive by speaking the saint’s name and commanding it to come alive. You’ll have to spray 7MM on it at least once a week for the medal to maintain its full charge indefinitely as it is not permanent and the medal has nothing to hold the spirit to it.
3. On Ritual Tools - here you simply clean your tools of grime and filth then spray the 7MM onto the tool in the name of your patron spirit/deity then offer the tool to the Four Corners as explained above.
4. On Amulets - here you follow the same procedure as above for other items such as Talismans or Saints’ Medals.
5. On Paper Talismans/Sigils/Glyphs - when you create your own talismans or items, you can spray the paper item with 7MM cologne.
6. Gris-Gris Bags - I find it works better to place all of the items I am going to stuff into the bag in a large enough bowl or on a plate then spray them all at one time while commanding life to be given unto everything at each of the Four Corners. This way I do not have to use up all of my 7MM for just one bag’s contents.
7. Onto Your Book of Shadows/Grimoire - want to make your Book of Shadows a living talisman of power? Then use your 7MM by spraying the book's cover (front & back) once each then offer to the Four Corners as usual and this time give your book a unique name.
8. On Crystals/Stones - much like the rest of the items mentioned you spray then offer to each corner as previously explained.
9. On Fetish Items - whether you have obtained a fetish item from someone or you have made your own, you can give life to it by spraying it with 7MM.
10. Create a Thrall - design a Thrall (re: artificial spirit) for whatever purpose and then either use a piece of paper for a 2D paper glyph or buy a 3D monster figurine (such as gamers use) name it then offer it to the Four Corners & spray it with 7MM to house and contain your Thrall as Tarantula suggests in The Book of Tarantula.
11. On Tarot decks, Holy Astragals (dice), I Ching (coins/yarrow stalks), and so on - here you use the same format as previously mentioned so that your Divination tools will become stronger and more accurate for your use.
And many, MANY other uses! You are only limited by your imagination.