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Kabala Oil 1 oz

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This is the oil mentioned in Jean Kent's “Master Book of Psalms” and his “Book of Prayer” as well as his forthcoming book on Kabala. This oil was formulated by Hebrew spirits specifically for use with the actual Kabala and everything associated with its mysticism and all manner of Holy Magics. It comes in a 1 oz bottle.
If you are a serious practitioner who desires to probe into the inner works of Holy Magics then THIS spiritual oil is just what you need whether you are looking to delve into the Four Worlds and Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, practice Merkabah meditation, use Psalm Sorceries, practice Solomonic Magic, use any Holy book as a grimoire, or just draw yourself closer to Jehovah/Yahweh/YHVH, then THIS is the oil you need to use!
Kabala oil is potent for all of your Holy needs as it can be used in conjunction with all prayers including the anointing of talismans such as those found in the Key of Solomon or the 6th & 7th Books of Moses (including written ones on plain paper) or anointing your sacred ritual tools. This oil has a different feel than Abramelin oil and is far more potent because the spirits themselves have concocted it first hand.
You can also wear this oil by putting a drop on your fingertip and lightly dabbing the temples on each side of your head. This makes a terrific meditation oil helping to focus your mind on higher, more spiritual aims and goals. 
Only serious practitioners should consider getting and using this most Holy of oils. This is a sacred product so please exercise good judgment in its use.
Suggested Use: Anoint yourself with Kabala oil and meditate on each one of Psalm 119's passages beginning with Aleph on the first day then proceed to Beth the next day Gimel then the next day with Daleth and continue this pattern until you have meditated and prayed your way through all 22 passages. This is a TERRIFIC spiritual exercise that I cannot encourage you enough to engage in further! Not only does each passage offer wisdom and guidance but also great spiritual benefits as a stand alone Psalm (see Jean Kent's "Master Book of Psalms" for more details on each Psalm's  use) they also offer tremendous wisdom when used in this manner! Repeat as necessary.
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