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Head Wash 1 oz

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A 1 oz bottle of Head Wash formulated by the LWA (spirits) from my Vodu House which you use to wash the crown of your head with to open it so that you have stronger and clearer dreams, visions, hunches and psychism. You may also see as well as hear spirits (and/or ancestors) speaking to you after using this head wash formula so be aware of these potential side affects. 
One client from Bardbados ordered this and used it. Afterwards he contacted me the following day exclaiming, (direct quote) "Gods, Moloch, my head was like Star Wars last night! I had ancestors trying to communicate with me and spirits it was crazy!"
You just pour a little in the palm of your hand, and rub it onto the crown of your head. Then go to sleep. Do this for at least three preferably four (but no more than five!) consecutive nights to help open your Crown Chakra. It helps for general psychism, dreams, and spirit contact.