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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Hellfire & Damnation Oil

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Hellfire & Damnation (H&D) is a punishment oil utilizing three strong spirits of punishment who come together to formulate a mighty oil to give you an upper hand in the area of power. Because in essence, this is exactly what this oil is all about: power to help you punish those who have wronged you.
Mind you, this is NOT a vengeance type of oil because vengeance comes from an emotional response; rather you are seeking a punishment and when appropriate, Hell fire and damnation raining down on the head of your enemy for them wronging you of the foolishness they have committed against you.
This oil is formulated from a secret recipe given to me by these spirits from a dream. It is a powerful oil that should not be used lightly against anyone just because they have honked you off for any old thing. No, you must use some sort of judgment when using this oil or else the punishment may come back to haunt you! These three spirits are not only judges they are also the jury and it is wise for you to bear this in mind when using this oil and petitioning them.
It is potent! I have used this on my worst enemy and the bastard has been plagued with all manner of trials and tribulations from car problems to health issues to losing his internet sporadically. (Update: he just posted that he lost his wallet with $$$ in it!) That alone is satisfying to me so I’m not necessarily looking to put anyone in a grave but to “punish” them on an ongoing and consistent basis. If you wish to kill your enemy, then this is NOT the oil for you.
Some of the ingredients in this potion are dangerous for you to put onto your skin thus you must NOT touch it with your bare hands. This is why I include a free rubber medical glove which you can use to anoint your candles, talismans, photographs, & etc with. When necessary, throw the glove away and replace it. You can get gloves at places like Sams Club for under $10/box and they last. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever allow this oil to come into contact with your bare skin. Ever! You have been forewarned.
You get a full 4 dram bottle and this will last you a long, long time if used carefully and responsibly. This oil has been charged for you so that you will not need to charge it. Do not store it next to any positive oils as it may make them go sour. Nor should you store it next to any of your negative type of oils such as Black Arts or such as this formula may make those twisted to the point they no longer work the way you want. Store this oil separately, by itself and save it for when you really need to spank someone’s bum for being a jerk to you. When all else fails, PUNISH THEM.