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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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RAD-SOR HYBRIDS > 3 Dial Rad-Sor Machine
3 Dial Rad-Sor Machine
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This is my very own three dial unit used for general Metaphysical work.

Please note that this is NOT a 'radionics device' like my competitors sell. They do not do what is done to make this unit a special 'Hybrid' unit as I have. You will soon see them TRY and I'm sure you will begin to see all sorts of lies about hw someone bought one and it didn't work in various chat groups and forums and understand that these are only competitors posing as clients lying to persuade you not to buy from me. If you choose to believe them, you are going to miss out on what my instruments can do for you. I only sell my instruments here on MY site and I know every person who gets one.

The Rad-Sor 3DRSM is a marvel of new & old world technology. I have purposely integrated the world of Radionics with Old World Sorcery to create a hybrid of awesome design!


Why the Rad-Sor 3DSRM is Better Than the Competition
Outside the unit, I have kept things to a minimum to give the 3DRSM a classy & elegant appeal. We start off with a wooden box, not some piece of plastic which is artificial and used because plastic boxes are cheaper to obtain. The wooden box is then stained a deep, rich walnut color to set it apart from the other commercially created boxes that either come painted from the factor or are painted by the builder.
Then the best components are laid out & holes drilled to mount them on the outside of the box. You have 3 factory tuned Vernier dials which are precise and go from 0-100 instead of 0-10. It takes 10 regular potentiometers to equal the quality of 1 Vernier dial. Why? The typical Radionic device sold by competitors is simply comprised of a cheap potentiometer & knob from a Radio Shack like store and the numbers go from 0-10. That leaves off a lot fine tuning.
The 3DRSM has a pure copper tube antenna which allows for two very important procedures:
1. You can choose to just use an end cap like many folks do & at times if you so desire, you can tune the antenna by taking a seal, sigil or small photograph & rolling the paper up & place it inside the tube
2. Or you can opt to spend $75 more & get the Sorcerous Scrying Ball (SSB) which allows you to work on your scrying skills as you dial in your rates &/or projecting your thoughts into at your target
I have purposely left off stickers & lettering or numbers from the box so as to not mar its beautiful appearance. Essentially the left side of the instrument is the IN path and the right side is the OUT path. This goes not only for the copper plates but also the jacks on the back of the instrument that allow it to be connected to other modular Rad-Sor instruments.
Next, inside only the best components are used such as an audio amplifier which boosts the instrument’s Radionic output; Alchemical White Gold powder is used as a high performance enhancer & filtering agent; Tachyon nodes to both pull in and distribute the elusive Tachyon energy and add it to the instrument’s overall output; then pure copper wiring is used as copper is the next best conductor of hyper-attuned Tachyon infused energies; that completes the Radionic side of the Rad-Sor instrument.
Now we come to the purely Metaphysical side of things where a living talisman is created & placed inside the instrument giving it’s energies a tremendous boost in both power & effectiveness. Several other Sorcerous ingredients are added to the instrument to tune it so that it can do 
Then the instrument is enchanted during specific periods of time & it is blessed, consecrated, charged & empowered by no less than several Spirits who add their power to the instrument. The Sorcerous process is so detailed that the instrument MUST be tuned to the individual using it thus their photograph must be submitted when the unit is purchased so that the instrument will work for them.
When finished a couple of Harmonizer stones are mounted outside between the two Vernier dials to balance the energy flow between the dials as they are receive & projected in the 3DRSM. Finally, another Tachyon pellet is used between the IN & OUT plate below the copper antenna.
The 3DRSM is by far the superior 3 dial radionic unit out on the market.  No one else’s comes anywhere close!
What do you get from my competitors?
  • cheap plastic boxes
  • an electrical circuit that simply makes the panel light come on
  • cheap potentiometers & knobs
  • rates that only go from 0-10
  • crystal technology
  • some sort of ‘Orgone’ crap built into the device as an attempt to give it more power
In other words, you’re paying $1,000 (or more!!) for cheap plastic junk and the unit is nothing other than a passively made device.
The Rad-Sor Hybrid Instruments are made with real electrical components like original inventors of Radionics did. Go read up on the Ruth Drown & T. Galen Hieronymous units before you thumb your nose. What goes for Radionics today is little more than some dials, crystals, shoe boxes with a little bit of scrap wire thrown in to connect it all. Then they want you to pay big money for that. Again some go overboard on their hype with the Orgone related nonsense which can be obtained anywhere for about $30.
Orgone is energy field first theorized by the late Dr. Willhelm Reich who coined the term. Regardless of whether or not Reich was disgraced, the fact is his theories have been delved into by many. Even then, would-be Metaphysicians & so called “healers” like to jump on the bandwagon & claim every little thing they create is some sort of Orgone device.
If you really want to experiment with Orgone energy, there are videoson You-Tube which will show you how to make Orgone based units out of resin, crystals & air gun BB’s. I will be making some to sell in the future but for now, if you want to add one to a 3DRSM, purchase one & then set it on the 3DRSM. You don’t need a BIG one like a Holy Hand Grenade (HHG), but rather a small dime sized disc that you can lay on top of the instrument.
Further I do not expect you to buy my Rad-Sor Hybrids and just leave you hanging without help. I fully support my instruments! After all it's my goal and desire to keep you as a happy customer for future purchases, right?

Oh and you'll find it useless to ask about any Radionics information in Occult chat groups since 99.99% of the people there are ignorant of the subject. Oh yes some have read about radionics but that does not make them any sort of expert but rather they're an 'ex-spurt' (if you must). It's about like asking for a Radionicist to explain Sorcery on some Radionics list. Oy! If I had a nickel for everyone of those wannabe yahoos I'd buy out Microsoft!

Save your breath and time. Have questions about my instruments? Come directly to me! One does not ask the mechanic about how to grow tomatoes nor should anyone ask a crop farmer how to fix a Lamborghini. 


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