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Old Man of the Pyramids
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Who was the Old Man of the Pyramids? He was a sage according to the author of the Black Pullet which was a grimoire attributed to a French military officer from the 1800's.

The story goes that the French military commander was in the desert on some campaign and after his forces were wiped out by the enemy, he lay dying until he passed out. He later awoke to find himself healed, safe and in the care of the man known as the Sage of the Pyramids. The sage being old and ready to pass on from this plane, shared his mystical knowledge with the French commander on how to summon the mighty Spirits at his command.

The grimoire states that you were to fashion a ring using a particular metal & set with a particular stone and then embroidered the seal using a specified color of thread onto a particular colored piece of silk cloth. Each ring/seal has mystic words that one utters to invoke & banish the Spirits associated with the ring/seal.

Here you are provided the seal only using the correct color scheme for the embroidered cloth. Plus you are given the four dial rate that allows you to access these Spirits on their home plane using the famed Radionic Evocation Machine (REM)!

Reputed Powers of each Seal:

#1 Conjuration of Celestial and Infernal powers.

#2 Gives the love and complaisance of the entire female sex.

#3 Discovers all treasures and ensures their possession.

#4 Discovers the most hidden secrets and enables its possessor to penetrate everywhere unseen.

#5 Will make the most taciturn man unbosom himself to its possessor.

#6 Sets to work enough Genii for the immediate achievement of any work which the possessor may desire to undertake, and for the stoppage of any which may oppose him.

#7 Has the power to destroy everything; to cause the fall of hail, thunderbolts and stars from heaven; to cause earthquakes, storms and so forth. At the same time it preserves the friends of the possessor from accidents.

#8 Gives invisibility, even to the eyes of Genii, so that God alone shall witness the actions of the possessor. It is accompanied by the power of penetrating everywhere and passing thru brick walls.

#9 Transports the possessor to any part of the world, and that without danger.

#10 Opens all locks at a touch, whatever precautions have been taken to secure them.

#11 Sets the possessor in any desired house without the preliminary of entering and reads the thoughts of all persons so that they can be helped or harmed at pleasure.

#12 Destroys all projects formed against the possessor and compels the rebellious Spirits.

#13 Endows the possessor with every virtue and talent, as well as with the desire to do good. All substances of evil quality can be rendered excellent by it.

#14 Gives the knowledge of all minerals and vegetables, with their virtues and properties; gives also the universal medicine and faulty of healing all sick persons.

#15 Gives immunity from the most ferocious anmals; gives the means of overcoming them; give sthe knowledge of their language; and drives mad animals away.

#16 Gives the discernment for the good or bad intentions of any person.

#17 Gives all talents and a profound knowledge of every art, so that the possessor will outshine the toil-worn experts - though unqualified by scholarship. Hereof are the advantages of an art which - speaking generally concerning it - is nothing except practical and the quality of its claims is not strained.

#18 Gives good fortune in any lottery.

#19 Gives the power of directing all the infernal hosts against the enemies of its possessor.

#20 Gives the knowledge of counsels of Infernus and the means of rendering its projects abortive, but whether for the ultimate health and weal of operator's soul there is no guarantee offered.

You'll not only get the colored seals, the rates for each seal BUT you'll also get the potent words to speak (after you make contact with your REM) to force the Spirits of these talismans to help you.