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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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RAD-SOR HYBRIDS > Frater Malak's Spirits - Single
Frater Malak's Spirits - Single
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Frater Malak’s Grimoire Spirits

One of the most sought after of the modern grimoires, this unique text offers some very unique Spirits for you to work with!

These Spirits are extremely practical and can make many wondrous things happen for you. I myself have summoned these Spirits on numerous occasions as well as have re-summoned them using the technology of my REM instruments!

Now for the first time here, I’m offering you the 12 individual MSTT’s featuring the 4 Dial Rates for these Spirits which you can use only on the Radionic Evocation Machines

Radionic Evocation Machine
Radionic Evocation Machine MK2
Radionic Evocation Machine MK3

These MSTT’s are phenomenal in the power they offer you! Forgo all of the old, outdated, arcane ingredients let alone the endless hours of rituals needed to perform to get these Spirits to show up! THIS is the wave of the future! The Spirits are here, ready and waiting for you to make contact with them!

Seal Number:

Frater Malak seal #1 Works With:
Bodiel - banishing bad luck
Libaris - win in battle
Vocasiel - seeing the future

Frater Malak seal #2 Works With:
Onafiel - change another’s thoughts towards you
Zeffar - banish all of life's misfortunes

Frater Malak seal #3 Works With:
Jesublilin - removes tensions to reinforce good mental, physical & emotional health
Ram Avatar - general success in life

Frater Malak seal #4 Works With:
Heleleth - banish specific diseases by reinforcing your physician's treatments & medicines
Qaniel - to become successful in business

Frater Malak seal #5 Works With:
Gambiel - enslaving a lover or business partner
Xomoy - to see turmoil break out between a couple/group

Frater Malak seal #6 Works With:
Mumiah - banish general indispositions & bring glowing health & strength

Torquaret - presentations in front of an audience

Frater Malak seal #7 Works With:
Keveqel - to dominate others or with someone dominating you
Turmiel - personal protection from a particular foe (or group)

Frater Malak seal #8 Works With:
Camaysar - attracting abundant sums of money
Furlac - to bring an irrestable lover
Purah - finding a better, more suitable home

Frater Malak seal #9 Works With:
Ataphiel - Gambling luck
Eladel - recreating physical abilities which have weakened or lessened due to age
Shathniel - learn your inner talents to help you find greater freedom

Frater Malak seal #10 Works With:
Narudi - vanquish your known enemies
Weatta - know the exact whereabouts of someone/something

Frater Malak seal #11 Works With:
Melha - when you wish to crush any opposition
Yeshayah - invisibility

Frater Malak seal #12 Works With:
Delukiel - helping you to create gold (wealth)
Umeroz - pinnacle of success in your chosen field of work

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although there are 26 listed Spirits from this mighty grimoire, there are ONLY 12 seals! This is the only grimoire known that has a seal that does DOUBLE DUTY thus you get more for your money. Choose your Spirits and the click on the drop down box to choose. Please carefully note when ordering these individual seals, that you should check to make sure if one seal does the work of 2 or 3 Frater Malak Spirits.