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RAD-SOR HYBRIDS > MSTT Planetary Seals - Set - Mars
MSTT Planetary Seals - Set - Mars
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Complete set of 7 seals with 4 Dial REM MK2 Rates on back side. Save a total of $24.40 over buying each indivdually!

Seal No. 1 - This seal is used for invoking Spirits of Mars, especially those which are written in the Pentacle. The four Angels listed are: Madimiel, Bartzachiah, Eschiel & Ithuriel.

Seal No. 2 - This Pentacle serveth with great success against all kinds of diseases, if its be applied unto the afflicted part.

Seal No. 3 - This seal is used for starting wars; inciting wrath, discord and hostility; also this is used for protection from enemies. It also strikes terror into rebellious Spirits.

Seal No. 4 - This seal is used for power in war where it will give you victory.

Seal No. 5 - This seal is terrible to the Demons and at its sight they will obey you, for they cannot resist its presence!

Seal No. 6 - This seal has great virtue so that when you have it on your person, if you're attacked by any one you shal neither be injured nor wounded when you fight with him and his own weapons shall turn against him.[1]

Seal No. 7 - Conceal this seal until you're in the Circle. Invoke the Demons whose Names are therein written and you shall immediately see hail and tempest.