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RAD-SOR HYBRIDS > MSTT Planetary Seals (Individual)
MSTT Planetary Seals (Individual)
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You've heard of the legendary powers of the worlds most popular Medieval grimoire, the Key of Solomon also known as Greater Key of Solomon, Seals of Darkness, Clavicles of Solomon and by many other names, now you too can tap the amazing power of these Planetary Seals as working templates for ALL Radionic machines!

Think about it! You can tread where thousands of Sorcerers before you have gone with these MolochSorcery Talismanic Templates (MSTT). The template system is by far the easiest system to work with in either Sorcery OR Radionics!

Each of these seals are faithfully reproduced from the S. L. McGregor Mathers version of the Key. Plus these seals are created using the Flashing Color technique commonly used today by many Ceremonial Magicians.

This technique uses the standardized Queen Scale color attributed to the planet as a base, then, the opposite color is used for the letters and graphics on the seal. This gives you a unique attribute when you stare at the seal called "Flashing Colors".

The seals made using high quality consecrated paper which has been consecrated and empowered. Then the seal is created and empowered once again. Then the seal is laminated so you have a unique Talismanic Template to reuse again and again for many years.

You can use these Planetary Seals with any Radionic equipment including the Radionic Sorcery Wish Machine, 3 Dial Radionic Sorcery Machine, the Radionic Evocation Machine MK2, Golden Laswer Unit, Great Helm of Sorcery as well and the infamous Coffin Box! Further you can use these Templates with any Chi Generator by any manufacturer!

Please Note: If you wish to know the powers of each seal, refer to the Planetary Seal Sets and note how many of each are offered and the alleged power attributed to each one.

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