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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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RAD-SOR HYBRIDS > Hybrid Sorcerers Box (HSB)
Hybrid Sorcerers Box (HSB)
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The newest versions of the HSB are different. The colors have been changed and thus will not look the same as the photograph.

Secondly, the sigils and Sorcerous seals may be inside under the lid - that way the box can be set out in plain sight and no one will be the wiser or on top (at my discretion.)

Third each box will now have a Tachyon enhancement gem attached to it to heighten it's energizing abilities.



Rad-Sor Hybrid Sorcerers Box (HSB)

The latest in MolochSorcery is the Rad-Sor Hybrid Sorcerers Box. This hand crafted instrument is engineered to be a containment field for the various Radionic-Sorcery energies emitted by either the Rad-Sor REM MK3. 3DRSM or RSWM - all of which are ONLY available from this site!

The Rad-Sor instrument offers you a wide variety of uses:

1. Use it as a charging instrument - insert talismans, gris-gris (a.k.a. mojo) bags, natural amulets (shark teeth, bear claws, etc.) into the HSB. Then place a lit dressed purple candle on either end of the HSB while you touch the box and mentally project your thoughts into instrument.

2. Built-in Radionic Circuit - the HSB has a fully functional Radionic circuit built in so it can use any energy of any modular Radionic instrument such as the Wish Machine, REM, 3DRSM, etc. Remember too that it was originally designed to work as a stand alone instrument also.

3. Integration & Works With Any Modular Radionic Unit - the HSB is modular so if you already own a different Radionics device (other than MolochSorcery Rad-Sor instruments) then you can still get one of these cool looking and useful HSB's & connect it with a modular phono plug-to-phono plug cords.

4. It's portable - take it with you wherever you go! Imagine how you can pull it out of your suitcase, set it up on a bureau in a motel to work for you while you're off at a very important meeting!

5. Hand crafted

6. Ritually empowered - the HSB is blessed and consecrated in a ritual that I, myself, perform.

The interior of the box uses not one, not two but THREE complex Occult symbols of POWER on the inside bottom and up under the lid. Then purple paint is applied over these seals of power to allow them to flow throughout the instrument.

A Tachyon generator has been implemented into all of my Rad-Sor instruments thus enabling the item to have a tremendous boost in power! Tachyons come from the Zero Point Gravity fluctuations in Space-Time Quantum Physics. These energies are now being harnessed for use in many modern Metaphysical applications. Take advantage of this amazing NEW technological breakthru!

Since the HSB is small, roughtly 3 & 9/16" by 5 & 5/8" by 2 & 15/16" deep, you can transport it anywhere and even take it on trips with you. It's the size of a 5 X 8 card file box.

Possible Uses

* Place some of your business cards in it to empower them as talismans to help you attract more business!

* Make a talisman of Saturn & Mercury to protect you from harm and place that in the unit to charge it!

* Place a witness of a victim you wish to curse or hex in the box and plug it into your REM unit, dial in the NPE (Non-Physical Entity) you wish to attract and instruct it to go and take care of your problem!

* Place a witness of a sick friend/relative into the RSB, dial in a counterbalanced Healing Rate on your Radionics Machine and plug the Sorcerer's Box into the output of your Radionic's machine to send soothing Metaphysical healing energies to them!

* Experiment using your own Orgone Energy Unit by placing one inside the HSB with photos of you or loved ones to charge your auras or to add some extra energy to the above mentioned experiments.

* The uses are endless!

[Important: The construction of this instrument is a closely guarded secret. There is more to it than merely painting on the sigils because there are steps you won't be able to guess due to my personalized secrets. These delicate instruments require a specific touch to properly construct them. Some of these steps and secrets I've learned are from old time spiritual workers - skills and secrets that you simply will not find in any book at any price. For all the time and work invested in these units, I am offering them dirt cheap compared to what you'd want to be paid for constructing one yourself! And remember that these instruments take time to build. They are not slapped together haphazardly and like the Voodoo Shrines, they take great care to make the proper way]

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