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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Business Spirit Services
Career, Money, Success, Investments
If you have a current business or business idea and wish for it to really take off, usually your typical candle spell, Mojo Hand or your run of the mill handbook on how to easily summon spirits won’t be enough to compensate for all of the intricacies of the modern, complex business world.
Minor workings such as Mojo Hands often work well for long established businesses with a loyal customer base and a history of operating in a locale for a decade or more such as a retail location. They also work well for businesses like towing companies, dry cleaners, delivery companies, tax preparers and other firms where they interact locally with the public. Minor workings are not ideal for Internet situations.
When trying to start a business from scratch, especially one that is online where competition is stiff, you are going to need something far more powerful in your back pocket to help you. Enter my Business Spirits Services...
Tier One: The Do-It-Yourself Kit ($85)
You will be given a specific Psalm to recite, a sample bottle of Kabala oil, a sample bottle of Lucky Hand Wash, a blessed talisman and full instructions. 
Tier Two: The Prosperity Shrine ($50? 100? 500? Per month)
I keep an active Prosperity Shrine going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a shrine dedicated to powerful spirits of wealth, success and prosperity. They will need to see your business brochure, card or an image of your website. Then your business will be given to them to watch over and prosper. This is an on going monthly donation basis basd on your level of involvement and desired expectations. 
Tier Three: The Treasure Chest spell engine ($500)
This is a spell engine you purchase and it is specifically prepared for your business.Once finished, you will both receive and be given full instructions on what to do with and how exactly to use it. Once properly activated, a spell engine should work indefinitely and require little maintenance.
Spirit of Business Level One
This is the ultimate badass right here! We call this one 'The Millionaire Maker'. However this is a very spiritual spirit and one that does not abide heavy cussing and swearing so a bad potty mouth will not be something this spirit will want to deal with. This is only this spirit’s temperament.
This spirit has been known to take a hard workers who utilize common sense and stay in the game, day after day over the course of time then turn them either into a millionaire or financially well off!
Spirit of Business Level Two
This is another spirit who operates in a far less strict manner however there are no promises of great wealth & success although there are numerous cases where people have married into wealth, started businesses that took off like a rocket (again ONLY IF operated correctly), and generated new business ideas on their own to become wealthier over time. Such have been everyone from Realtors to laborers to car salesman to store retailers to even professional athletes and a lot of others in between.
Typically the money comes MUCH slower with this spirit than the previously mentioned spirit yet it does come. The key is you need to know your business and the better you know it, the more money you make with this spirit. Another spirit you can build a business with from scratch and you do not have to worry about offending this spirit with cussing.
How Does This All Work?
Essentially I take care of the spirits here at my altar for you. I am your go between. They are MY spirits after all. I feed them, give them food, drink, etc so you do NOT need to bother with any of that. Your job is simply to worry about how to improve your business and your level of service to your own clients & customers. You’re not the Sorcerer here, I am. I’m not in this to give you business advice nor should you try interfering with how the spirit is dealt with and once you agree to that, this is the first step.
Ideally these spirits like to see a fleshed out business plan. I put it on their shrines for Them to peruse. I later aks Them if your business is something that interests Them. If yes, then we proceed but if not, then I won’t be able to help you.
I began to make a LOT of money selling direct-in-home and averaged anywhere form $425 to $1,475 USD a week as a 1099 sales rep working with these spirits. But see I studied hard, learned my business well, learned my target market, my territory and more importantly, how to present myself, products & services effectively within 45 minutes so that people enjoyed having me there in their home. I not only made sales but also received pages of referrals from my clients. That’s what I mean by learning your customers, your business and finding a way to be “different” from the herd.
So please BEFORE you contact me & my spirits and spend your money and FAIL, make certain you KNOW what you are doing. I do not want to deal with people who THINK they know what they’re doing.
You may be given a talisman, a cologne to wear, a prayer to be said from time to time, etc, it all depends on the spirit and your situation. I cannot tell at this point. However much depends on you as well so if I give you some instructions to be carried out, you MUST carry them out regardless of how lazy you’re feeling. Understand? You cannot be lazy and expect to win and make money. Ever. It doesn’t work that way even with spirits. EVER!
So Once More Before You Contact Me...
1. Have a written plan of some type for your business I can take to the spirits.
2. Have a recent photograph of your face, no sunglasses or side shots. If you fear anything, then forget it, this will never work. You must trust me or we cannot work together.
3. Know your market, clientele/customers, products, services.
Contact me at my Gmail address which can be found on the buttons on the upper left that says “Contact Me”. Serious inquiries only please.

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