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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Spirits of Business
If you have a business or business idea and wish for it to take off very often a candle spell or a JuJu bag are not going to be enough to do the job because one small item as such does not have enough power created by the ritual to force that sort of real world success. JuJu bags of success do work well for this IF the business is well established such as you’re an HVAC repairman and business is slow or a roofer and competition is stiff but when trying to start a business from scratch, especially one that is online where competition is always harshly stiff, you are going to need something far more powerful in your back pocket to help you. Enter the Business Spirit...
Spirit of Business Level One
This is the ultimate badass right here. The millionaire maker. However this is a ‘holy’ spirit in many cultures and one that does not abide cussing and swearing so your potty mouth will not be something this spirit will want to deal with. What to do? Well first off you’ll need to ask yourself if cussing and swearing are worth the wealth you could make? Let’s face it, if someone asked you to lose 100 pounds to attain millionaire wealth status, wouldn’t you do that or is food worth that much to you?
Cussing & swearing like a sailor is merely a bad habit. Nothing more. We often pick it up in our youth thinking it makes us feel and look like an adult when in fact it just makes us look ignorant as if we’ve been too lazy to study vocabulary. I should know I too have issues with this like most everyone else thus why I myself cannot work with this spirit. I’ve gone days without cussing & swearing but to go a long time such as a year is nigh impossible for me the habit is so ingrained. However other folks have different temperaments and capabilities where habits and especially this one is concerned so if you are able to shut off the potty mouth, then here’s a golden opportunity to align yourself with a terrific spirit of wealth generation!
This spirit has been known to take a hard worker who utilizes common sense and stays in the game day after day over the course of time and has around a 7 year time frame made them a millionaire. We’re talking from zero money to paying oneself a quarter of a million per year salary with a full work crew, fleet of trucks, brand new tools, marketing & advertising campaigns paid for to keep the calls rolling in, and so on. This man was a roofer in a competitive industry who started out with just a beat up old pickup, tool box & a lot of gumption. He chose NOT to cuss & swear anymore and now he’s living with the classes. Some would say that’s a small price to pay.
Spirit of Business Level Two
This is another spirit who operates in a far less strict manner however there are no promises of great wealth & success although there are cases where people have married into wealth, started businesses that took off like a rocket (IF they ran them correctly!), and even generated new business ideas on their own to become wealthier over time. Such folks have been everyone from Realtors to laborers to car salesman to store retailers to even professional athletes and a lot of others in between. 
Typically the money comes MUCH slower than spirit one but it does come. The key is you need to know your industry well. This is yet another spirit you can build a business with from scratch. And no you do not have to worry about cussing & swearing with this spirit. But you will need to strictly adhere to the rules I will give to you or else the spirit will not wish to work for you as It is fussy. I have had people the spirit started to work for, they went online thought they could do something on their own and just ended up angering the spirit to the point It no longer desired to work for the client. Yes touchy & temperamental.
How Does This All Work?
Essentially I take care of the spirits here at my altar for you. I am your go between. They ARE MY spirits after all. I feed them, give them food, drink, etc so you do NOT need to bother with any of that. Your job is simply to worry about how to improve your business and your level of service to your own clients & customers. You’re not the magician here, I am. I’m not in this to give you business advice nor should you trying interfere with how the spirit is dealt with and once you agree to that, this is the first step.
Before we begin you must submit to me a business plan - at the very least some idea written down on what it is you plan on doing to make & generate money, who your clients & customers will be, where you plan on finding them, what you are going to offer to sell to them. I will take this along with your photograph and whatever other pertinent info you wish to contribute to whichever spirit you think you’re able to work with. You’ll pay the nonrefundable $200 USD Divination fee. A reading will be done and I will see if the spirit is going to find your proposal acceptable or not. If the spirit finds your proposal acceptable, then this is the first hurdle passed.
Now you remit the $500 USD set up fee which allows me to get the ingredients for the rituals to get the spirit to come over and work for you. When ready, I will let you know when the spirit has begun to work for you and you should go at it full bore. This means work hard, work smart and be realistic in your goals - always. NEVER presume that you can fail just because you have a spirit helping you! That is a good way to fail. You want to always work smart just as if you had only you were working on a shoestring so to speak. So never invest all your money foolishly thinking the spirit will protect it because that is not true. Ever. The spirit’s job is to help open the doors to opportunity and help increase your luck because They cannot choose what choices YOU make that are either good or bad. Thus why you must know your business and know it well!
I began to make a LOT of money selling direct-in-home and averaged anywhere form $425 to $1,475 USD a week as a 1099 sales rep working with spirits. But see I studied hard, learned my business well (meat), learned my market (mom, dad & 2 kids), my territory (Ohio) and more importantly, HOW to present myself and my products/services quickly & effectively within 45 minutes so that people enjoyed having me there in their home, they bought from me AND gave me referrals before I walked out the door with signed contracts, a check for a down payment and paperwork. My secret was I’d do an up-front close and talk about all of the bad things everyone hated: financing, interest rate, contracts & being locked in for 2 years & the credit bureau application. We’d hash all of that out of the way in 10 mins tops or I’d shake their hands and politely leave then go to the next appointment. Most folks were so amazed at the approach of honesty and fairness they couldn’t wait to try us. After that it was roughly 15 mins to present & the rest to do paperwork if they said yes. That’s what I mean by learning your customers, your business and finding a way to be “different” from the herd.
So if you choose well, you make GOOD money; if you suck at making good choices, then it means you need to learn more about your business climate and hone up on it. Most people often think they know about something but they never invest in it. I bought TONS of sales, marketing, advertising, persuasion, NLP, time management, creativity generation, personal motivation, even inspirational and other business related books I could find, read, studied then applied MY business situation to the questions in each. I did the exercises in them because I wanted to become the best at it in my company. No this is NOT bragging here, it is explaining HOW you do something the right way instead of going into something half-cocked and losing your shirt. Remember I had no safety net - no salary as I was a 1099 rep so it was do or die and I refused to pull out those old straw hat close routines of the early 1900 era. The guys in the company who used those ended up having more cancellations and angry customers over it. Please don’t ever be like “Will” (not his real name) who’d go into someone’s home and say, “Only a moron wouldn’t find this the greatest thing since sliced bread!” Needless to say Will was a used car sales manager before he sold with us. I used to call him he Sledge for sledgehammer. Ugh.
So please BEFORE you contact me & my spirits and spend your money and FAIL, make certain you KNOW what you are doing. I do not want to deal with people who THINK they know what they’re doing. Educate yourselves. Use the library as a resource. Buy used books. Study them. Learn. There are also audio files of speakers out there such as Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Kevin Hogan, Dr Richard Bandler & others who have terrific ideas which you can learn to ADAPT to your business model. But I’m Not interested in dealing simply taking your money and having you fail.
So Once Things Are Cruising Along....
Okay now let’s say you’re savvy and know your business model well, your market, products & services and are more than confident at selling. You have clients lined up in a monthly pipeline and are closing deals regularly. Money is rolling in. Now what? Okay your next move is to remit a monthly payment here to me to pay for the service of keeping the spirit happy for you. This fee is 8% of gross on your business earnings which is fair since most charge 10% on EVERYTHING you earn even your regular day-to-day salary at your old job which I’m not interested in. I’m only interested in our business plan deal.
When the funds are coming in regularly the spirit WILL be happy and you should have a good flowing business. Now understand you will have to build your business, the spirit does NOT do that for you! You still must work to do this on your own. Thus why the side story above about my own experiences with sales. I had to build that up to that point as I stared out on the bottom until I was the ONLY sales rep for the state of Ohio. They eventually hired two other guys for Pennsylvania but I took care of Ohio until I left to do this full time.
You may be given a talisman, a cologne to wear, a prayer to be said from time to time, etc, it all depends on the spirit and your situation. I cannot tell at this point. However much depends on you as well so if I give you some instructions to be carried out, you MUST carry them out regardless of how lazy you’re feeling. Understand? You cannot be lazy and expect to win and make money. Ever. It doesn’t work that way even with spirits. EVER!
So Once More Before You Contact Me...
1. Have a written plan for your business I can take to the spirits & read to Them.
2. Have a recent photograph of your face, no sunglasses or side shots. If you fear anything, then forget it, this will never work. You must trust me or we cannot work together.
3. Know your market, your clientele/customers, your products, service & precisely HOW you plan on presenting & closing them. Otherwise hone up on how to do this because you’re going to be spinning your wheels in quicksand. 
4. Have at least $700 USD ready in reserve to start - $200 for the Divination and $500 for the setup fee in case the spirit agrees. If not, then we cannot do business until you come up with the money and absolutely no credit. We don’t need the setup money just yet just the first three items and the $200 for the Divination. If things are a NO, then at least we know ahead of time this wouldn’t work and you should spend your remaining $500 on something else like training or something that will help you out.
Contact me at my Gmail address which can be found on the buttons on the upper left that says “Contact Me”. Serious inquiries only please.

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