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Evocation of Buer
Using the R.E.M.

Buer the 10th Spirit of the Lemegeton's Goetia:

"A great president and appears in Sagittarius in his shape when the Sun is there. He teaches philosophy, moral and natural and the logic arts and virtues of all herbs and plants and heals all distempers in man. He gives good familiars and governs over 50 legions of spirits. This is his seal of obedience, which you must wear when you call him to appearance, etc." - The Lemegeton, Robert Blanchard translator.

I had received a letter from a dear friend who'd been one of my long time clients off and on for years. She has been getting regular professional medical treatments for her asthma and lately she had contracted a rather nasty infection in her lungs. And as you guessed it, she was a consumate "smoker".

Rather than wait for the Sun to enter Sagittarius, I opted to ignore that particular instruction and contact Buer directly, now.

One of the important things I did was to get her to write out a petition request for Buer to heal her infection and restore her health AND that she'd swear off cigarettes forever more. I made her date and sign this and then explained to her that if she lit up again, she'd have the full fury of a "DEMON" tormenting her for all time. ;) Hey sometimes ya gotta use whatever you can to help someone and her family has pleaded, begged and threatened her about this smoking so I thought I'd touch upon her primal fears and since she's a fan of the "Exorcist" series, I figured a little fear of Demonic Possession was in order to get her to swear off the damn things once and for all.

Since Buer is a President, he's attributed to Thursday according to Crowley. I also decided to try out my new Radionic Evocation Machine (REM) with Buer. [I had some good success with other more minor evocations but those are another time to discuss]

The REM is a radionic instrument that I designed some time ago for the specific purpose of summoning NPE (Non-Physical Entities) including personal Thralls, Goetia Spirits, Celestial Spirits, Deities, the Dead, etc. First and foremost it is a "communication" device not a device intended for physical manifestation. For those experiments one would need to use a Triangle of Art in conjunction with the unit.

One gets in contact with the NPE by either using an existing seal of the Entity OR creating one using one of the variety of ways known. Then the seal is placed on the Witness Plate of the REM and beginning with the first dial, a rate is obtained by tuning each dial in succession. I opt to use a pendulum to know whether I have a verifiable stick or not whereas some older Radionicists use their thumb dragged across the Sending Plate as each dial is turned.

Once the "rate" for the NPE is achieved, then the Seal is taken off the Witness Plate and placed onto the Sending Plate over top of the photograph or relic of the intended target. Then you make "The Call" to the NPE and wait. The Spirit Entity will acknowledge you.

I took the photo of her and laid it on the Sending Plate of the unit - see photo on site) and placed my Template of Buer on the Witness plate, dialed in Buer's rate and then placed his Template directly over her photo. Then I used a special Incantation (the Call) to summon Buer who was quite surprised that I was able to contact it without the use of the circle, triangle and all the ritual hoopla.

Buer was not aggressive at all but rather appeared to me as an old monk in brown robes with a belt of rope and sandals. He seemed quite aged but not decrepit - think Sean Connery here - and when I presented Him with her petition and promise, Buer nodded and said it would be done and asked me to admonish her from the use of any and all future tobacco products as well as have her keep her home well ventillated. He felt her condition was a result of some allergens being circulated thru her central AC/Heating system.

I thanked him for his help and explained I would give him a suitable offering for His assistance in helping her - which she gladly paid for. When he stamped his left foot, the scene faded from my sight and I was back in front of my altar.

For a week, I would go to the REM thrice daily and touch his seal (laid over her photo) with my forefinger and give him the instruction "Heal her lungs & restore her health" By the second week, she began to feel much better. Her physician was quite pleased by her body's response to the drugs & treatments he'd been prescribing for her.

True to her word, she had a contractor come in and clean the central AC/Heating ducts and unit and sanitize them. From now on, she keeps a couple of windows open just a crack to keep fresh air circulating thru her home.

I later used Buer's seal on myself for a minor infection I caught. I dialed him up once again and had him work on me. He worked quite rapidly! Why? I had dialed in his rate using the Template method and this saved much time and effort. Again I used the "Thrice Per Day" method to send my desire to Buer.

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