Book Review #1
The Conjuror’s Guide to St. Expedite


The Conjuror’s Guide to St. Expedite
By Denise Alvarado
(Creole Moon Publications; 2017)
141 pages; $14.95
A long time ago, there was a commotion among the downtrodden and destitute. Then one day a rogue saint appeared seemingly out of nowhere able to appease the afflictions of the downtrodden with miracles and wishes granted. This rogue saint very much displeased the officials of the church for they would rather not have to deal with this nefarious rogue who according to them has no beginnings and therefore does not belong in the halls of martyrdom among other Catholic saints. Still this saint’s popularity increased as did His works. Soon His fame spread throughout the realms for being able to make things to happen quickly and much faster than traditional prayers and supplications could. This saint is known as Expedite also known as Expedito, Espidee and other folk names.
If you have been looking for a spirit to work with who does not require you to wipe Its ass and hold Its hand, here you go; if you’ve been looking for a spirit who has a wide variety of types of work It can do, here you go; if you have been searching for a spirit that can help you with all sorts of personal issues without having to go and become initiated into a living tradition, here you are because St. Expedite covers a LOT of ground for a folk saint and He is one that does not require much from you for what He will give in return.
The book at a mere 141 pages itself covers a lot of territory from the humble origin stories of Expedite - most of you have heard it was a group of nuns who found a shipping crate with “Expedite” stamped on the side of the crate but how many of you are aware there was an Armenian saint by the name who died back in 303 c.e.? This was news to me as well and this origin story is detailed in Ms. Alvarado’s book. 
So what about doing your JuJu sorcery with Expedite? There are numerous ways to work with Expedite or Espidee as listed in the Hyatt manuals and the sections that pertain to Him have all been conveniently reproduced here for you to study and meditate on. You’ll read different informant’s accounts of how they work with Espidee and why they use different candles for Him in their work.  From there we discover the role of why pound cake is so important to Expedite and even a simple recipe on its creation for the cook & bakers who enjoy making things in the kitchen or how you can buy an inexpensive yet popular brand pound cake, slice off what you need and freeze the rest for when next needed - and why.
You’ll find discussions on prayers, tokens, statues, shrines and altars, specific spellwork, and so much more. Ms. Alvarado even discusses Expedite’s associations with the saint known as Baron Samedi and how this role propels Him into a darker, sorcerous aspect where manipulation, jealousy and revenge are often the motivating factors for summoning this side of the saint is felt. Not for the faint of heart obviously but also not for the idle seeker or ignorantly curious either.
For fifteen bucks, the author has really thrown quite a lot in this manual that well granted you could spend hours hunting down the information on your own through old books, Catholic manuals, and of course online resources which of course if you do not value your time but if you’re like me and see your time as costly, then you’ll see the value in parting with a mere $15 USD to pick up a copy of this terrifically written and well explained manual on St. Expedite. One of the best manuals of sorcery on a particular spirit I’ve read in years. Kudos to the author. Highly recommended!

Brother MOLOCH 9.6.9
June 11, 2018 c.e.



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