April 7, 2022 @ 7:37 AM

Q: “Brother Moloch, How do I activate a Tetragrammaton talismanic pendant/ring using the Psalms?? I have heard wearing it is beneficial for attracting wealth, protection, and friendship.”
A: One simple method I have used with success is to take a solid purple taper, pillar or 7 day jar candle and carve my desire to "Charge this... (talisman, charm bag, piece of jewelry, & the rest) with Thy divine essence, O spirits. Lend your strength to this task and give life to my... .” (sprits with one spray of 7 Mighty Men Formula) “To you will I ever remain loyal." Next dress the purple candle with either Power or Master oil.
Then take a white candle and dress with Kabala oil. Set the candles about 14" (35.5 cm) apart and use a white dinner plate in between the purple and white candles. Position the purple on to your left, and the white candle to your right. Burn some Hand of Power incense. Then while facing East, you light first the white candle, bow to the four corners, then light the purple. Dress your item first with the Kabala oil, hold it in your hands a few minutes while simply praying over it and just imagining the white candle channeling divine, holy power into it. Then take some of the Kabala oil and again dress your item all over with it as well.
Next recite the Wishing Psalm, the 23rd Psalm, three times and at the end of the Psalm state you wish for your item named ___ to "Be sanctified, charged and blessed for use in all my work!"
Now relax, breathe and try to raise your vibrations and impregnate your desires into the very fabric of the metal (i.e. wood, resin, stone, &c) itself as if you are god by first mentally reducing the item down to its original base ingredients then reforming the item from scratch so it is perfect. Name the item as it is reborn. Make sure this is a name you can remember because when you want to work with your item, you will need to recite Its name first then speak what you wish for It to do. Turn and face each of the four corners holding the item while you recite Its name three times at each corner. Then set it on the plate and allow the candles to burn for one hour only. Extinguish.
Perform the above ritual exactly in the same manner, each day, for seven consecutive days. Allow your candles, presuming you will use either 7 day jar/pillar/long tapers, will last until the 7th day on which you just allow them to burn completely out.
Twenty-four hours later, you have a fully charged item to confidently work with.