April 7, 2022 @ 7:37 AM

Q: “Brother Moloch, How do I activate a Tetragrammaton talismanic pendant/ring using the Psalms?? I have heard wearing it is beneficial for attracting wealth, protection, and friendship.”
A: One simple method I have used with success is to take a solid purple taper, pillar or 7 day jar candle and carve my desire to "Charge this... (talisman, charm bag, piece of jewelry, & the rest) with Thy divine essence, O spirits. Lend your strength to this task and give life to my... .” (sprits with one spray of 7 Mighty Men Formula) “To you will I ever remain loyal." Next dress the purple candle with either Power or Master oil.
Then take a white candle and dress with Kabala oil.........

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