September 10, 2021 @ 2:57 PM

Here’s a question, is it wise to talk about your spiritual work with others online? I mean should you do a working then go on some online site be it Occult Forums, Studio Arcanis, Reddit, Facebook or even in emails and blab about what it is you are doing? 
I ask this question because lately all I see are an inordinate amount of people gabbing about what they’re doing before the work has finished. I find this rather foolish because the old axiom states,
  • To KNOW (Knowledge, understanding)
  • To DARE (Courage, intestinal fortitude)
  • To WILL (Do the working, perform your magics)
  • To KEEP SILENT (Do not talk about your workings)
Yet today there is a pervasive attitude among the youth out there that the above is somehow archaic, superstitious, foolish, old world and so on thus they don’t need to heed its advice. So WHO are asshats teaching this to our children today? LoL Yeah asshat clowns but more importantly these clowns are part and parcel of the New Age Magicians of the Golden Dawn and Crowley ilk.
Ruffled Feathers
I know when I call Crowley & G.: D.: “new age” it honks off those who practice these lodge magicKs but let’s face it, they are New Age because they began in the late 1800's and not the medieval or Renaissance periods. Also these lodge groups grabbed pieces and parts willy nilly from the past to try and make a coherent system - which is something else these same practitioners kvetch about with Wiccans, New Agers and others yet they conveniently forget they started that whole rip off other cultures first. Furthermore you also have lodge magicKians talk about the New Aion or new age of Horus so they are New /Agers.
It’s Only Superstition
Well okay so what? How is it fucking atheists want to practice magic? They’re NOT real atheists! Tell a real atheist about these online atheists who claim to practice “magick” and watch how quickly your real atheist acquaintance flays those online atheist wannabes apart.
TSo why the dislike towards atheists? Not hate mind you just disgust especially when they start their shit about “superstition”. It’s like, “Ignoramus, you do not understand that religion, magic AND superstition all go hand-in-hand esoterically! It has for millennia and it still works quite well today in the same way.
It is just these “New Age Atheists” want it all - they want total autonomy from spirits, gods, goddesses YET they want foolproof results by using only their own feeble minds. As if. They find calling on gods, demons, angels, & other types of spirits too much of a hassle to bother with and they want to be gods themselves. In the end it all boils down to their EGO.
First Psychic Block: EGO
It is no surprise that an aspirant’s ego is the first stumbling block to conquer. Yet today and thanks primarily to morons giving them false or misleading information so that most of these wannabes do little more than inflate their egos when they should be trying to deflate it.
Almost every occult system out there expressly states it is a good thing to work through your subconscious for a given time to deal with issues you may have underlying your persona. This is nothing new yet ask yourself how many Novices or Noobs do you know who have actually done this work other than yourself? I did it and know of about four other practitioners, besides my own apprentices, who have done this.
I Want To Impress Someone
In our celebrity driven culture, it is apparent why so many wannabes at the doors to the occult want to know how to do things and yet the vast majority of them are lazy, non-goal driven and have no spiritual teachers whatsoever to learn from.
I have seen online where people beg others for spells just so they can prove the occult works. WtF? This isn’t some parlor game or trick. If you want that stuff, go to a prestidigitation (re: sleight of hand magic) store and buy some simple tools to fool people with. I suggest the Hot Rod as it can be carried anywhere and people marvel at it and kids freak out over it.
Wanting to conjure up a spirit just to prove to yourself It exists or to prove to your uncle Henry you are doing real magic is downright foolish. Spirits are not your pets and They can get testy at being used for such petty nonsense but be my guest. I hope they tear you asshole for being so foolish.
Magic Requires Maturity
I know a lot of folks feel if children can work magic, then maturity doesn’t matter. Actually it does. Ever consider some children may be more mature than you currently are? Age does not require maturity, attitude does and the vast majority of Pagans, McWiccans, Satanists, Chaotes and others who are pretending to practice Magic are immature with poor attitudes.
Too bad it’s not just attitude alone which makes a working successful however it is a large part of it. For instance I know some real hardcore Chaos Magicians who do not need anything more than their desire to make things work. You may call it will like that buffoon Crowley did and that’s fine but too many confuse it with Willpower and Crowley said they are not one and the same.
These Chaos folks I know are serious players. Almost scary mofo’s. They walk in like a gang yet none are loudmouths like you see online with the Chaos community of which these folks find humorous but not serious. These cats are not into using drugs because most of them are reformed drug addicts who lived on the streets due to being homeless. Each one worked on their own projects alone using just the sheer will of their minds to implant their sentence of desire into their subconscious.
One, (we’ll call him Mike), was a former vet of the first Iraqi war and he used a hand drawn seal of Mars to protect himself with and immersed it into his subconscious before going into combat. Good thing he did! Some Iraqi kid walked out of a crowd of other 9 & 10 y/o’s while he and his Lt were handing out candy to the children and this little kid pulled out an AK47 killing the Lt and put five shots into Mike before Mike could send the little bastard to meet Allah.
Mike somehow dragged his dead Lt about a mile back to his firebase and was told he was about 500 yards away before he collapsed from loss of blood. With FIVE AK47 bullet wounds in his chest area! If you don’t know much about those types of rifles and the bullets they fire, look them up as they do incredible damage to the human body.
Mike cam home six weeks later after waking up in a German hospital, receiving a purple heart and a commendation from the military for his bravery in bringing his fellow comrade back to base under such conditions. He and I talked about his trek and the magics he performed. This is a real Chaos Magician, folks. His juju is strong because he believes in it.
Silence is Golden
It may be an old saw but ever notice just how peaceful things are when it is nighttime, dark and nature is quiet while most good folks are asleep? The world is much quieter after dark than it is when it is broad daylight out and that is a stone cold fact. You can think more clearly without the noise of
  • loud exhausts
  • sirens blaring
  • idiots honking their horns at one another
  • kids screaming at one another & fighting
  • neighbors shouting to one another
  • ice cream truck music
  • morons and their thump-bass music
  • and so on...
When there is silence, you can pull in your thoughts, observe them and then contemplate things much more easily. This is why often you’ll hear about successful people who like to stay up late to do creative work. It’s easier to think and let your creativity run rampant without some annoying loud distraction. Just leave the TV and home noise makers off (if you can).
In closing, I’d like to say it is crazy to think that it’s better to brag about your Sorceries and Magics because of the aforementioned reasons. One is always better off keeping their workings to themselves than it is to open up and blab about it to others, even ones who are initiated. I don’t talk about anything currently going on as far as my workings go but when the working is over and the results are in? That’s another story because that is the time to learn where, whom, what, how and why the result occurred either positively or negatively.