September 29, 2021 @ 1:03 PM


Recently in numerous spiritual sites online there have been a spate of posts about relationship issues, both private and professional. While this in itself is nothing new, the advice sought is quite strange to me because I have not heard in all my years of practicing sorcery and the occult for anyone to ever suggest a remedy to problematic issues as “Cutting Cords” except in the cases of Wiccan marriage - and that is being pretty specific. When two married Wiccans opt to divorce, they perform a Handparting which involved cutting of the cords which bound them together in matrimony.
What makes this weird is that cord binding is reserved for a couple who are intimate with one another. Thus why when a couple get married they “tie the knot” as the saying goes. One does not marry their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and so on and USUALLY one does not have sex with such people unless you are a real horn dog who can’t control yourself. )0And egads I do hope you are not sleeping with one of your relatives or you have serious issues which cutting cords will never fix! IF such IS the case then our society has truly become a modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah.)
Frankly if you are NOT sleeping with someone, i.e. sex, coitus, banging, screwing & etc, there should be no reason for any sort of cord cutting. Why? Because you and that person never tied cords to begin with. Hello?? Cords are symbolic of deep sexual ties with another person, thus if you are sleeping with your HS Science teacher, then cutting cords is a way of getting emotionally away from him/her. This is how cords work.
Think of cords as tendrils of emotions that flow from your sex area into the other person’s sexual area the more and more you two have sex. Cords weren’t meant for everyday Joe & Mary Sixpacks you meet because, (Surprise!) YOU ARE NOT SCREWING THEM!
Other than sex, there is no other rational reason to cut cords. If you wish to cut ties with them, then simply delete them from your phone, block their number and stop communicating with them all together. Period. It is that simple. One does NOT need magic to do this. You just need to be an adult about how you act.
If they persist in trying to communicate with you after you have tried to sever communications, there are other spells such as the Brujeria’s Tapa Boca or Shut Your Mouth spell which you can use instead. You won’t need candles, thread nor have to worry about messy wax either.
Stop being a Merry Moonbeam McWiccan and use a bit of common sense in your practices instead of listening to parrots parroting other parrots who just pass around utter bullshit on silly sites like Tik Tok and Facebook. Use your Sorcery wisely.