December 2, 2021 @ 8:02 PM

There seems to be a hellish amount of confusion out there on the web about spell jars, what they are, how to make them and more importantly how to use them. While the confusion is not surprising, the fact so many are confused bothers me. It is as if people have lost all reason to be able to sift through the horse shit to get to the gold they seek.
What Is A Spell Jar?
Funny thing is the people giving instructions on how to make a spell jar have no clue on what they are creating because they tell people how to deconstruct one when their desire has come to fruition. Um I hate to break it to you but that’s not what you do.
First off, a spell jar is a microcosmic world wherein a spirit will dwell, much like a Hoodoo’s gris-gris bag when properly constructed. The construction is very important and I find it disturbing how people are told to simply dump herbs and syrups into jars willy nilly thinking this is how one constructs a spell jar.
Thumbnail Images
If you desire to attract something to you, shrink an image to thumbnail size then place it on the bottom of the jar. If you are the recipient, then place your image on top. Then place your attraction herbs and root(s) then your syrup or honey.
The Offering
Now close up your jar and offer it with a plain white tea light candle to the four corners E-W-N-S in that order. At each corner speak your desire. Let set on your altar when finished.
When you wish to use your spell jar, take hold of it and shake it while speaking your desire(s) to the spirit inside. Something like, “Spirit of this jar, hear me now, bring unto me the following....”
You should if possible limit requests to one desire at a time but if you are in a hurry you can give more than one desire/demand to it.
Is Necessary to Deconstruct Your Spell Jar?
No! You can keep a spell jar indefinitely because it can be used for more than one purpose. Ideally one should have a spell jar to “attract” and one to “repel/banish”. How they are used is all in the exact wording you use when shaking the jar.
“McWiccan” authors who are often the least educated in spiritual matters tend to make up or invent what they do not know or refuse to investigate. They also tend to jump the gun and believe things like spell jars must be deconstructed “lest the spell jar cause something bad to occur”. This is the realm of fantasy and either they are reading too many Harry Potter books or watching too many Sci-Fi films because I assure you it is wholly unnecessary to dismantle a spell jar.
Let’s face it, if you made a spell jar for say to help you with relationship issues, do you honestly believe you are ONLY going to have relationship issues that one time in your life?? If so then stop reading because this essay is not for you. However if you are of a different 
I have gris-gris bags on my shelf & have used them for a wide variety of uses for over three decades and nothing bad nor evil has occurred. Much of this fear is hyperbole or wishful thinking on these McWiccan’s part. Perhaps because they want others to think they are special or some such thing? I don’t know because no one I know be they Wiccan or otherwise has ever had a spell jar or Gris-Gris go actually turn sour or go bad.
Are Feedings Necessary?
Again no because you did not specifically summon a spirit to come and inhabit the spell jar. Although if you wish, you can feed your spirit in the jar once weekly with a drop of whiskey. This is what one uses on the side of their gris-gris bag weekly. However it is up to you if you feed the spirit or not. I do but that is my choice.
What Kind of Jar Should I Use?
Try using jars or bottles that are opaque if you can find them with mouths wide enough to get your fingers down into. I know there are a lot of Wiccans out there who are enamored with the concept of tiny spell jars but one does not require a spell jar to be tiny. Your jar does not have to be glass either as it can be made of stone or pottery.
Typically unless you have done your homework to get specific with your desire, spell jar ingredients ought to be general for two purposes, attraction and banishment. This way you do not have to concern yourself with worry whether or not you got the right ingredients for your exact desire. Because almost all desires are either a banishment or an attraction type.
This does not mean you cannot tune your jar using specific herbs however you are now stepping into a much higher role, that of the experienced practitioner. Photographs, locks of hair, nail parings, syrups, herbs, roots, and so on are all part and parcel of what can go into a spell jar.
Blessing & Consecration
I know numerous Wiccans are not wont to consecrate their created items however since I am not Wiccan I do consecrate, bless and empower anything I create as a matter of regular course. This way I am assured the created item will have power when I or whomever I pass it on to is ready to use it.
In Summary
Remember, your spell jar should be either for attraction or banishment. Images are also ideal to add to your jar because images show the spirits what it is you desire or do not desire. Then once you have created your spell jar and used it for its purpose, do not destroy it, but rather let it rest until it is needed again in the future.