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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Bend Over Spell
A Classic Spell To Get Your Way With Love

Let's face it, there are times that you really need things to go your way. I'm not talking about being a bully but rather when you've tried everything to get someone to see it from your perspective and it's not helped one bit. People have preconceived notions, biases, prejuidices, etc., all of which may or may not be rational. Is it fair that they use these to judge you by? The mean is not always a balanced mean either.

Perhaps you want to go on vacation and your boss says no even though you've already been told that this would be fine ahead of time so you went ahead, spent money, made plans, etc., now to hear them tossed aside as 'your problem'.

Or perhaps you have a bastard for a neighbor who takes great delight in causing you and your family no small amount of distress with his all night partying, loud music, loud car exhausts, letting his dog poop in your yard, etc., etc., etc. Moving is out of the question as you were there first and you've tried to be a friend to this half-*ssed moron but all to no avail. You've called police, imposed threats, cajoled, pleaded, etc. all of which fell on deaf ears. What to do?

Perhaps you've worked your arse off to save for that dream house but the bank is waffling on your loan because of some minor and silly technicality that really was beyond you. Maybe the auto dealership farmed your loan out to too many finance companies and their inquiries into your credit file is a flag to the bank who worries that you're trying to get credit from everyone. Perhaps the banker secretly is a bigot and does not like you or your ancestry.

What does one who is honest do in such situations? Try the old fashioned Bend Over spell!

The classic Bend Over spell is not to be confused with Commanding or Compelling spells because these spells are dangerous. Why? They work by using evil whereas the Bend Over spell used love & merely works like "Oh why not let him have it?" which reminds me of June persuading Ward Cleaver on the oldTV show, Leave It To Beaver. The thing to bear in mind is that Bend Over is gentle; Compelling/Controling is coercive.

The ingredients in the classic Bend Over formula, Rose * Frankincense * Vetivert * Honeysuckle are a very well balanced blend of ingredients. In fact they are so well balanced that you can use this recipe in any sort of Uncrossing type of ritual since the Rose and Frankincense are very protective as well.

The theory behind this formula is it protects YOUR interests. The Vetivert is the power herb and the rest are the modifying herbs which help to focus on maintaining your wishes. It's even used by business people before going into meetings or negotiations by anointing the backs of their hands with it. It’s used to gain your will by “love” not by force.

How To Use:

Take a purple jumbo (1" x 9" candle or use a 12” taper) candle and dress[1] it by holding the candle at its base & with some of the Bend Over oil in your dominant hand, twist the oil onto the candle from the base of the candle to the wick in a clockwise fashion.

[Note: Do NOT anoint using any of the traditional ways to anoint a candle! You want that twisting effect to force its way into the mind of a person thru all of their biases and prejudices.]

The secret to this spell is the twisting motion. It symbolizes a drill punching thru setback to your goals & desires.

Now write out your wish in a concise manner onto a piece of virgin paper (unlined and unused) nine times. Use simple wording like "Let me have the loan!" or "Let her leave my family in peace!" or "Let me go on vacation!". Anoint the paper's four edges and then dab a drop of the Bend Over oil in the center of the paper. Place this under the purple candle’s holder.

Light some incense and focus on your problem. See the obstacles dissolving and you are obtaining your goal as you chant nine times nine what is written on your paper. It does help if you have a rosary or some sort of counting device. Let the candle burn to the socket.

Use with intelligence and wisdom. This is a powerful roadblock breaker. In fact I sometimes use this within my Money Drawing rituals to help unblock the paths to financial success.


1 Dressed - a Hoodoo term used to indicate the anointing of an item with oil, water, etc. Typically a dressed candle is one where you’ve taken an Occult oil and anointed the candle from center to bottom then center to top (or vice versa). Another method used is to anoint the candle from bottom to center, then center to top if you’re sending the spell to someone else OR anoint from top to center then center to bottom if the spell is for bringing you something.

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