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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
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Simple Method of Sortilege

What's Needed

1. One pair of six sided dice

2. A drawn circle of about 12" in diameter on a piece of leather (or paper)

How to Use

This is a simplified question system where you will ask your question in terms of Yes or No. Thus if you wanted to ask, "Is my boyfriend cheating on me?" you could ask that but if you asked, "WHO is my boyfriend cheating on me with?" that will not work because it demands more than a Yes or No answer. The way around this is to do a process of elimination questions such as "Is my b/f cheating on me with my best friend?" or "Is my b/f cheating on me with Mary Jones?" and so on.

I will admit this can be time consuming HOWEVER it is also excellent to use for any Yes/No questions!

To ask a qestion, clearly ask the question out loud. Next shake the dice in your hand and roll the die towards your circle. If both roll inside the circle, then add up the face up results on the dice.

If one of the dies rolls onto the circle's line or outside the circle then it's discounted and ignored. ONLY the die(s) that land face up IN-side the circle are counted.

If both dies roll outside the circle, then ask your question again and re-roll.


1 Yes
2 No
3 Be Careful (a warning in relation to what you've asked)
4 Be wise (think this thru)
5 Good Luck (a positive answer)
6 Of course (a positive answer)
7 Be strong in faith
8 Be patient (it will come to pass in time)
9 Quite sure (this is an emphatic YES)
10 Doubtful (a negative answer)
11 Nonsense (inconclusive answer - reformulate question & ask again)
12 Stroke of Luck! (considered a very good omen)

Now if your answer comes up #3 it's possible you're treading on thin ground somehow. If the answer is #4, it means that you need to rethink the question and maybe ask it in a diffeent way - albeit still using the Yes/No manner. If it comes up #7, the Spirits are saying you need to have more faith instead of questioning the situation. That's more or less an admonishment from them about it. #8 is an omen of the answer to the question is forthcoming in another manner. #11 is where the Spirits do NOT understand the question. Ask the question again in a different Yes/No manner and re-roll.



September 2001

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