Individual Ancestral Offerings: Praising Just One Ancestor
by Brother MOLOCH 969




Ancestor Workings Series
Individual Ancestral Offerings: Praising Just One Ancestor
by Brother MOLOCH 969
copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved
There are or will be times when you will have need or desire to work with one ancestor. The reason could be that ancestor is a favored relative who showed much favor to you and was someone who watched over you and your progress while alive. Perhaps you had that uncle or grandfather who truly cared how you turned out? Or that doting grandmother who drove you crazy but now you know if you were to ask Her for Her help, She’d jump in and open a can of whoop ass for you.
Well then you will want and need to praise reward them for their efforts. To do this you will need to ensure their offering is their own. This does two things:
1. It ensures that their offering is reward to this one deceased relative for their hard work so you want Them to be praised
2. You wish to exclude the other ancestors because They weren’t called or summoned for Their help in this case thus They do not get to share in the benefit of the reward
So here is what you do when you want Uncle Lester or Grandma Tucker to get their reward for helping you but keep the rest of te ancestral herd at bay:
Put your offering on a white plate. Light a plain, white, unscented tea light candle and sit this next to your offering. Hold your offering out in front of you and face East. Say, “Spirits of my ancestors, father side, mother side, I bring this offering to (insert name here) because s/he did (insert deed here) for me. Here is your reward for your help (name of spirit). Let there be peace between you and me and be ready to come again when I have need of you!”
Bow by curtsying. Now turn RIGHT to face West and repeat what you said in the East. When finished, again bow then turn LEFT to face the North. Repeat your words form the East. Bow. Then turn RIGHT to face South. Again repeat your words from the East and again bow as before. You are finished. Plalce the offering on the ancestral shrine.
[NOTE: If you are serving your ancestors food or drink, it is customary to take a small bite of the food or a tiny sip of the drink. This isi to prove to Them the item(s) are not poisoned. This is folklore and tradition from around the world so we do this. It’s simple and straightforward. You just take a small bite and say, “(name of ancestor), I eat (or drink) with you!” then set the offering back on the shrine. Done. Leave offering for 24 hours then dispose of.]
The object here is to summon the ancestor who assisted you by name and make their offering to Them by name as well to the four corners. This alerts all of the spirits (re: ancestors) “This belongs to so-&-so thus leave it alone”. Otherwise you are just allowing any spirit to come forward to munch on your offering to your loved one who assisted you.


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