Ancestor Workings Series
Beginning Steps: Tips for Making Better Contact



Ancestor Workings Series
Beginning Steps: Tips for Making Better Contact
by Brother MOLOCH 969
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In my seminal essay Ancestral Offerings, the main themse is to put forward a method where you petition your ancestors on a daily basis for 30 straight days by burning tea light candles and saluting Them each day. This way you have properly gotten Their attention so that you have awoken any of Them that may have been asleep or off doing something else and totally forgot about their family here on earth.
The 30 days is more or less an arbitrary number that I chose because on average most magic occurs within a 21 day span of time however again you never know an aunt, distant cousin, greatn grandparent or some such may still be asleep or not heard your call during that 21 day time frame so you keep up the call to the four corners for the extra week to ensure all available ancestors hear you.
Can you extend this time frame? Certainly you can. While it;’s not recommended to shorten it, you can extend it out further. The length of time necessary is entirely up to your discretion. IF you need an extra week or three then by all means continue calling out to your ancestors for that time frame as it’s just a few more tea light candles which can be purchased in bulk.
Tip One: Photographs
If these are available to you, then use them. You do not need one for every ancestor though that is the ideal meaning if you have the space on your shrine, then add images of those ancestors that mean something to you. So use them if you have them. And remember you do not need the large photographs only small wallet sized images. Thumbnail size images are just too small in my opinion though for some of you, this may be ideal and work out better. I prefer wallet sized images. There are inexpensive frames from the dollar stores you can get to put them in. Try not to clutter up your shrine with too many unless you have a large enough area to use then use as many as space will comfortably allow.
Tip Two: Personal Relics
Often personal relics are thought to be hair, nail parings, blood, mucus, and other body excretions. However you can use your late father’s favorite work shirt; a late brother’s favorite ball cap or sport’s jersey; your grandmother’s favorite pair of reading glasses; grandfather’s bible; mom’s recipe box; and so on. The idea is to find something they loved and treasured in life and could not live without that is small or foldable and use that on or near the ancestral shrine.
If you can find any, pens, lighters, pipes, cigarette holders, things that they kept in their pockets or purses, left on their keychains or such, are always good for putting on your ancestral shrine to remember Them by. “Like attracts like” is a strong belief held in occult and spiritual circles so use this to your advantage if and where possible.
Tip Three: Use Full Names
Again figuring you know who your family is, or using an ancestral search service like, today you can search to find full names of your deceased relatives and add these names to your calls. Thus instead of calling Grandpa Bill, you may call him as “Grandpa William ‘Bill’ Harrison Thompkins” because you know him as Grandpa Bill but others would know him as William Harrison Thompkins. Try this and see if this doesn’t bring you closer to your deceased relatives. It shows Them you care enough to research their names and call Them correctly. So remember the more you show Them respect and courtesy, the more love, power and help they will will give to you in return.


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