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This is a series of articles designed to work hand-in-hand with the Ancestor Offerings essays found in the omnibus "Ritual Offerings" as well as the essay by the same name on this site (see below for link). These articles are meant to help you flesh out a workable and usable system where you can work with your ancestors and get results you're happy with.

Obviously realize I cannot guarantee any results because there is so much that is dependent on results and a positive mental attitude is a necessity because you're not going to make contact if you try doing this with a skeptical mindset as you need to be IN TO doing this for real, not half-way. I am tired of people whining they cannot get results especially once I find out their main issue is they enter this with a half-assed "We'll see" mentality. Does anyone win a foot race with that sort of attitude? Or does a scientist conquer a problem with that wishy-washy thinking? You're going to do this like you do any sort of occult work with full faith and effort OR FORGET IT!

I hope these essays help you flesh out your own unique system of ancestral work that you can be satisfied with as I have. Just read the essays and use what you find useful. Feel free to pass along these essays WITH MY SITE'S URL PLEASE! I would like to get full credit for MY work thank you! I'm tired of some half-wit McWiccan from Timbuktu taking claim for what I created or wrote and you can help me by circulating my essays and articles WITH my website's URL on the the article/essay and or name of Brother MOLOCH 969. Remember these days there are a lot of other practitioners who call themselves "brother" so I want myself differentiated from them. Please. Thanks. :)



Brother MOLOCH 969

December 27, 2017 c.e.




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