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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Summoning Spirits
The Summoning of Alagill
Here is an OLD write up on an evocation I did to summon a Spirit from Franz Bardon's "The Practice of Magical Evocation" (or PoME for short). I wanted to get better at my job. Note that I used the lesser invoking pentagram and then banished with the lesser banishment pentagram rite. After the LIRP I used the Middle Pillar Exercise to charge myself. This was during my heavy Qabalistic phase of Ceremonial Magic.
Rite: Evocation of Spirit from Franz Bardon's P.O.M.E.
Date: 06-20-1991
Time: 3:30 p.m. (+/- 5 mins)
Location: Behind home, wooded clearing
Spirit: Alagill (6 degrees Pisces)
From Franz Bardon’s TpoME: “Alagill (6° Pisces) - With the help of this head the magician will be thoroughly successful in his profession. Alagill especially likes to help in the case of the arts and craft trades. However, since success alone in one's work is not enough, this intelligence secures for man also financial success. Therefore, the magician should regard this head an assistant in all material matters and he can be sure that he will never be denied his assistance.”
Main Purpose: To help me to become more effective at my job
Opening: Standard L.I.R.P.
Charging: Middle Pillar
Closing: Standard L.B.R.P.
Notes: After opening (in this context used staff to draw circle, triangle and all pentagrams and hexagrams), and Declaration of Intent, I performed Lesser Invoking Hexagram Ritual using Hexagrams of Water. Then drew Heptagram in the West. Inside drew symbol of Pisces. Called to Spirit Alagill while visualizing the Spirit’s Seal. Vibrated name thrice. Knocked with staff. Vibrated name seven times. Knocked with staff. Vibrated name thrice. Knocked with staff. Visualized Seal glowing pale blue. Called to Spirit and was finally answered.
Spoke request to Alagill. Spirit advised it could indeed help me in this regard. Discussed several things briefly. Asked Alagill for a shorter way to summon it. Alagill proceeded to show me – in my mind – a more simplified seal and gave me three words to say three times as a call.
Spirit also showed me method on loading a candle using a mixture of herbs & roots and then how to consecrate it in a particular manner. Resulted in candle ritual’s ability to help me with my job growth. Oddly enough it seemed as if during the seven days that candle vigil was kept, information and learning where job was concerned came easier and made far more sense.
Asked Spirit for advice regarding M.’s problem. Solution suggested by Alagill using culinary herbs, fruit juices, water & particular prayer to be said over potion then drunk. M is hopeful as am I. Poor kid.
Asked for ideas for upcoming venture with M.S. Alagill doesn’t like the idea. Says M.S. still not fully invested in project and could leave me hanging with the bills. Beware. Sign contracts to protect myself. Spirit is wary of M.S. financial stability and their “financial backer”. May decide to back out.
Thanked Spirit. Offered typical offering. Seemed to like the wine but asked for white instead of red wine next time. Also said fresh apple cider is a plus with him. Need to hit the Amish roadside stands for some of that.
Dismissed Spirit. Performed LBRP. Used pendulum to verify Spirit’s presence was gone. Left clearing and went home.
Results: Week later (Note: This is not an exact time but most likely it was just over a week like 8 or 9 days) was introduced to a new part-time manager at work who was a part-time stand up comedian. Really hit it off with him. Through his sense of humor, he was able to make some prior concepts – which were quite difficult to understand – seem far easier to grasp. Worked with me for two days coaching me and evaluating my performance.
Results on the board improved overall. Confidence grew. Made rep of the month! Ritual an overall success!
M. is Still messed up. Potion seemed to help some but does not seem to be the ‘magic pill’ we were hoping for. Sad. Fun guy. Do not give up yet. There’s still hope.
M.S. business venture is a bust. He refused to provide me with name of his financial backers (if there ever were any) and got belligerent when I asked to see copy of his credit report. This project is never gonna fly and is over.
Notes: Notice that I spoke to the Spirit about more than one thing and I made notes on what the Spirit had to say. The initials obviously represent people whose identities I wish to still keep private. The gist can be deduced from the notes of why I summoned the Spirit on their behalf and what It had to say about their dilemmas.
The business venture was for a jewelry making business. I had an acquaintance who I met through a very dear Pagan friend whom I had known a long time but M.S. was rather new to me and they wanted me to invest my time, MONEY (as well as credit) and energy into a shady business venture that the more I heard about it, the less appealing it got. Gramps always said, "If it's too good to be true..." and Alagill like a hound sniffed out that M.S. was full of shit. Thus I politely backed out and walked away from the whole ordeal.

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