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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Spiritual Supplies
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Do you need "select" or special spiritual items but do not know where to find them? Or is it you have tried the items from the local New Age/Wiccan shop and they just don't have what you want? Perhaps the ceremonial magicKian you hired to whip up something just doesn't have any real feel to it? Or maybe you believe you got ripped off by that shifty botanica owner down on the street corner? These days it is difficult to know what is effective and where to get it and asking people on social media is of little use since everyone has their beliefs as to what works and what doesn't - mainly over personal politics at the present moment, eh? Ever run into that situation as well? Then look no further because now you can get the spiritual items you need right here from a reliable source who has been formulating real potions and formulas since the late 1980's, MolochSorcery.
Please Note: each item is hand-crafted or hand-blended at specific astrological times which my spirits recommend, not necessarily by any astrological text. There are some things I have available for immediate shipment or can make up quickly and other things “must take time IF you want them done right!” Due to my schedule, things that are available for immediate shipment will take me a few days to get to the post office.
My clients and customers expect the best I can do and they get it. NONE of them have ever complained or said their oil didn't work or didn't feel potent nor their talisman was lousy. You can read about just a FEW of the positive feedback responses I have received from my clients over the years HERE
Wal*Mart/Amazon Mentality
Just FYI, typical occult suppliers & practitioners do not go to the lengths I do to ensure either quality and/or potency rather they just care about getting you some oil/powder they quickly can make up and ship out as fast as possible to you. They will splash down a talisman (or worse use a pre-made one) then ship that out to you as if that is some sort of “quality” when in fact they are trying to be speedy in service.
MolochSorcery is not Wal*Mart nor Amazon where I have lots of pre-made merchandise made up sitting on shelves waiting to be shipped out like some Hoodoo supplier, okay?? With the plethora of online spiritual retailers you can choose either Speed OR Quality and people who come to MolochSorcery vote QUALITY even when that may mean they will have to wait to get their custom made oils, powders, baths, perfumes, talismans, or anything else that I make up for them. 
Spirit Advisers Guide My Hand
So WHY does it take MolochSorcery so long to deliver? Simple: I have spirits who are my advisers and often They will tell me to make the item at this particular time OR have me use some new custom formula They give to me for the client/customer’s specific situation (and there may be delays in receiving any rare or hard to get ingredients for the formula’s completion!) OR I may have to perform a certain amount of prayers, litanies & rituals over the item for a given number of days as dictated by the spirits OR sometimes the spirits will want me to leave the item on Their shrine for a select number of days and light a candle and so forth. I never know exactly what my spirit advisers will want me to do with your items ahead of time. When you ask me, “How long is this going to take?” I really do not know because it all depends on the spirits. Sometimes I can immediately ship the item out and other times I have to wait.
There are also times I run out of things and am awaiting shipment of something from a foreign suppliers and NO I am not only talking herbs here folks! Rather I am talking about other things from anything from minerals to animal bones to specific coral or sea shells to even specific desert sands. Sometimes I have to wait on even things that may be considered illegal to get for a ritual even in tiny quantities - it all depends. I have not had to get any of that in a loooong time yet one never knows with some spirits, eh? You do what you have to do to appease the spirits so the JuJu works and that is what the client desires.
You Deserve the Best of the Best
It is your prerogative to buy from whomever you choose however why spend your hard earned monies just because some yahoo can whip up a batch of whatever oils & powders s/he found from a recipe online or in some old book? Really? You can that yourself so what’s the point? You’re online looking for something that WORKS and that’s why you came to MolochSorcery because you heard I am the real deal. You want the best quality with the correct prayers, consecrations, rituals, blessings, spells, enchantments AND proper Astrological Timing included in the making of items, and you can force yourself to wait, then BUY FROM ME! Not to mention the fact you are getting your item custom made direct from advice given by power Vodu LWA spirits.
My Talismans Take Time
Of everything I make, talismans take the longest to make. There are many reasons for this. One practitioner I personally know takes a full year to make a single talisman and he charges thru the nose for it. Me? I don't anywhere near that long because each individual talisman is hand crafted and done according to the proper timing however I have my own Astrological formulas which I go by. Plus I sometimes utilize my REM & RSB as well as many other old fashioned sorcery methods to make the talismans powerful. 
Tell me how many practitioners do you know who have the knowledge let alone skill to put the proper oils into the paint to further empower them? Metal talismans are nice and precious stones are superb but if you're on a budget and need a boost, my wooden talismans terrific and for the price they simply ROCK!

Kabala Oil 2 oz
Orig.: $100.00
Sale: $90.00

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