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Need ritual items but don't know where to find them? Or is it you've tried the items from the local New Age shop but they just don't have what you want? Or you feel you got ripped off by that botanica? Moloch knows how you feel!

Now you can get the ritual items you want and need right here from a reliable source, MolochSorcery!

Please Note:

Each item is hand-crafted or hand-blended at specific Astrological Times. There are some things I have available for immediate shipment or can make up quickly but other things take time IF you want them done right!

My clients and customers expcet the best I can do and they get it. NONE of them have ever complained or said their oil didn't work or didn't feel potent or their talisman was lousy. My clients and customers have reported back to me good, solid and sometimes amazing results using my products.

Just FYI, most other Occult Suppliers & (so-called) Practitioners do NOT go to the lengths I do to ensure quality and potency. Rather they just care about getting you some oil they made up and ship it out to you. They splash down a talisman (or buy a premade one) and then ship it out to you. That's junk. Not one of them does what I do to the items and well that's their perogative - so too is it your perogative to buy their crapola. If you think theirs works good and you're happy with it, then stick with it. However if you want the best quaity with prayers, consecrations, rituals, blessings, spells, enchantments AND proper Astrological Timing included in the making of items, and you can force yourself to wait, then BUY FROM ME!

Mass Produced VS Individual Tailoring - it's that simple, folks.

Remember too that I am a ONE MAN SHOW and do not make much up ahead of time. I prefer to custom blend everything where oils, incense, powders are concerned and spend time to do a talisman the right way for you. Why? I put ME into everything I do. I'm passionate about my practices and it makes me feel good to know I helped you out with supplying the highest quality I can for you. That's a lot of love that goes into these items!

Of everything I make, talismans take the longest to make. There are many reasons for this. One guy takes a full year to make a talisman and he charges thru the nose for it but it works. Me? I don't quite that long because each individual talisman is hand crafted and done according to the proper timings. Plus I utilize my REM & RSB as well as many other old fashioend Sorcery methods to make the talismans powerful.

Tell me how many practitioners do you know who have the knowledge let alone skill to put the proper oils into the paint to further emower them? Metal talismans are nice and precious stones are superb but if you're on a budget and need a boost, my wooden talismans ROCK! For the price they simply ROCK!


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