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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Spirit Help - Love Spell

First off, you can work this spell to attract a specific person. Whether you do or not is entirely your choice. Don't come crying to me after you get what you asked for because if s/he cheats on you or worse, that's YOUR fault, not mine, nor the Spirit's and NOT the spell's. It's plain and simple: YOUR OWN FAULT. Enchanting for specific people is hazardous. Read this essay HERE to find out why before you begin this ritual.

I only warn you because I once gave this spell to a student of mine who used it to bring back an ex-lover. He came back and abused her terribly. I had suggested she use it to help her find a NEW LOVE but be that as it may, she got what she asked for, just not what she wanted. What she ended up with was both physical and emotional abuse as well as a stark reminder as to why she was rid of him in the first place. (Sometimes your ex being an "ex" is a blessing in disguise.)

Spells in general do NOT make everything perfect. Need I repeat this for it to sink into your head because love magic is heavy duty magic since you are forcing someone against their natural will to turn their attentions away from someone else towards you? Now in essence, a love spell is little more than a "drawing-to" spell meaning it will draw a love to you BUT it will NOT make them behave the way you want them to! Now is that clear enough? Repeat: A Love spell will draw a love to you but it will NOT make them behave the way you want them too. That will take another type of spell and that's a domination spell.

While I do NOT buy into the occult as it's portrayed in Hollywood, one spell performed on the big screen really should hit home for you ladies. The love spell cast by the red headed sister in "Practical Magic". She wants this dark, mysterious man to love her even though she knows very little about him - or so we're led to believe. The character turns out to be both a maniac and an abusive bastard ... BUT she gets what she asked for even when it's not what she wanted. Remember? Okay morality lesson over. So what does this mean in the real world? Be careful WHO you enchant for into your life lest you draw-in the wrong person to you!

Everyday on social media there are women who bemoan their spouses and significant others because of abuse be that physical, emotional, mental or just verbal abuse and it never ceases to amaze me why these women stay with the man instead of dumping him and moving on. Still they do stay with these abusive partners for whatever reasons they have be they valid or otherwise. Granted a lot of relationship issues stem from the fact that 90% of parents out there are under-educated on how to deal with stressful emotional situations as well as how to cope with life's hardships due to their own parent's lack of education and society's lack of education as well as taking the time to investigate these issues and find ways of coping then rationally dealing with them.

Love Spell Here, Love Spell There

Love spells abound out there and most of them just don't work the way the lovelorn wants them too. Why? Most people do not have the mental ability to focus for longer than 30 to 45 seconds for one and another is that people put too much baggage onto a love spell. I've seen people try to press spirits with a dozen "must haves" and "must not's" in a spell's parameters which just causes a spell's effectiveness to wane to the point the spell becomes wholly ineffective. For a spell to be truly effective, one really needs to keep things simple as well as straightforward from the get go. Keep it simple, easy and with no baggage.

If you have multiple issues or problems, then it is best if you deal with each issue separately, one at a time, with spellwork, then trying to ram several things or more into one spell's hope of success. You will discover that by doing so your rate of success will increase dramatically rather than putting your eggs all into one basket so to speak. Sorcery is best used on one problem at a time as it can tackle each problem separately to help you get your life back on track.

This particular spell utilizes the help of non-physical entities aka spirits. Mainly the Elemental spirits of the west known as the Undines, whose ruler is Nicksa and finally the Graeco-Roman Goddess Aphrodite known to be the Queen of Love.

Candle Enchantments Rock

The best love spells I've performed for others that really work involve candles. Why candles? For starters candles are a perfect analogy of alchemy in that candles are a solid that turns into a liquid and then into a gas all thru a chemical change of state through fire and they convey energy quite effectively. Some psycho-magicKians like to say they are nothing more than "props" and that is okay for them to say so however for sorcerers candles, oils, herbs, and tools that one makes are actual tools that have spiritual power invested in them from the sorcerer practitioner. The candles release their power via flame and through the will of the sorcerer this power is directed to go where the practitioner desires it to end up being used.

Love Spell Candles Required

For this love spell you'll need THREE (NOT 2 or 1 - but "3") seven day jar candles in "PINK". Yes I said "PINK". Why Pink and not "red"? Well in case you don't know, the color red traditionally equates to lust whereas pink equates to love. Pink is a milder form of red and it is not passion you're out for but the loving "relationship" with another and the lusty passion is just an added benefit of a healthy relationship. Thus you want "pink" and not red. So you will need to obtain THREE pink taper candles.

Why taper candles and not the traditional 7 day jar encased candles? Because most of the jar encased candles are horridly expensive these days unless you can find a local botanica nearby as most of the 7 day jar encased candles online retail for around $10/ea and then there's the S&H which is costly since they are very heavy as well! Secondly, most of the newer 7 day jar encased candles out on the market are terrible in their quality because these days even candle manufacturers have taken a pill and are making them smaller so first they do not burn for the full 7 days any longer then most of them are so poorly made they create soot and creosote at the rims of the jars while burning thus giving off false candle readings making one believe your ritual is being impeded when it may not be at all. You do not have these issues when you burn taper candles. I suggest using taper candles by the A. I. Root Candle Company out of Medina, Ohio OR the Colonial Candle Company out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts both of whom produce fine quality taper candles that simply rock! Their candles burn 1" per hour thus you can use one of their 8" taper candles and burn one for an hour each day and by the end of the week you have used it up. This works out well for timing your rituals. Just use a timer of some sort to remind you when it is time to extinguish your candles.

The Rest of the Stuff Needed

You will next need some "Love" oil. Oh I can hear it now, "I can't find this stuff, Moloch!" or "I don't have any metaphysical stores near me, can't I use something else?" NO! Stop complaining and show the spirits you have grit and tenacity to obtain your heart's desire so They will be more inclined to send you someone worthwhile. You can make traditional Love oil in the sorcery manner by using: Coconut Oil as your Base Oil, Musk & Frangipani essential oils. About 6 drops of each will suffice in about 1/8th cup of Coconut Oil. Mix and shake well in a dark amber bottle. Let set in dark place for it to blend and shake several times each day for about a week. By then the oils will be well mixed and ready to use. If all else fails, just order my love oil and I'll throw in some extra oomph to the mix to help you get the girl or guy. If you wish for it to have a bit more oomph,  pray over it asking your ancestors to give the love oil a strong charge in helping you obtain your heart's desire. Sincerely pray this while facing East.

On a Friday night (Venus' night) when the Moon is in a Water sign of the Zodiac (you can find this information in an online Astrological Emphemeris or use a program like Lunabar), take your oil and anoint yourself by dabbing a little on your third eye, left temple and then right temple and then back to your third eye. This is the mystical symbol of Fire. Next anoint your left nipple then your right nipple then above your groin then back to your left nipple. This is the symbol of Water. Fire rules your spiritual nature as Water rules your emotional nature.

Dab some of the oil on your finger and anoint (re: rub) oil on the candle from the center to the wick as shown in the illustration all the way around the candle until it is covered then flip it over then anoint the bottom half of the candle with oil from the center to the bottom. When finished, the candle will be complete covered in your home made love oil. Do this for all three of your pink taper candles. This technique is known as "dressing the candle".

After all three candles are dressed you should light some incense such as frankincense which rules the spiritual plane and will take your prayers to a higher realm. A single stick or cone of frankincense should suffice. If you have loose frankincense, then you will need to use some church charcoal and a censer to burn it in. There are instructions elsewhere on the web on how to do this. 

Begin by breathing deeply a few deep breaths and stand and face East holding one of the candles. Bow to the East and say,

"Spirits of the East, Lords of the Air, I present this candle to you. Bless it to my work. Thus shall it be!"

Turn right until you face the West, bow and say,

"Spirits of the West, Lords of Water, I present this candle to you. Bless it to my work. Thus shall it be!"

Turn left until you face North, bow and say,

"Spirits of the North, Lords of Earth, I present this candle to you. Bless it to my work. Thus shall it be!"

Turn right and face South, bow and say,

“Spirits of the South, Lords of Fire, I present this candle to you. Bless it to my work. Thus shall it be!"

Put candle back on the altar. Do the same rite with the other two candles.

Note the altar arrangement is simple and straightforward. “A” is the left rear Altar candle which will be plain white. “B” is the right rear Altar candle also plain white. Your altar candles are for two purposes: to first illuminate the working (re: give light) and to signal the spirits you are beginning a ritual. These are always white unless you are doing evil which then they are black. For our purposes here they are white and if possible they should be dressed with Holy oil but if you do not have any Holy oil at hand then use some plain olive oil over which you have sincerely prayed and asked your ancestors to bless, consecrate and make holy. They are usually lit from right to left unless you are doing evil which then you light them left to right.

“C” is the incense dish which you can use stick, cone, loose, or whatever you desire.

“D” is your sincere hand written petition about your ideal love. This should state who, what, why, and so forth. Tell what you want, such as things about a person you're looking for such as physical attributes, sexual appetites, personal disposition, attitude, emotional responses, social standing, personality, and so forth. Be descriptive about what it is you seek in a real love so the spirits can find someone suitable for you. If you leave too much open they will just find any old person to fit the bill consequently if you go overboard on what it is you desire they will find things too overwhelming and it may take them a very long time to find your ideal lover.

“E” is Pink candle number one

“F” is pink candle number two

“G” is pink candle number three

How to Determine What You Want In A Mate/Lover

Take pen and paper and sit quietly for a moment. Decide what you want in an ideal mate. Really think about it. Don't just say, "Well I want him to be like Brad Pitt" because that's not saying anything. To you that may mean a lot but to the spirits you're going to be petitioning it will not mean a thing to them because They need to know what qualities, traits, nature, attitudes, passions, etc., about your ideal mate it is which you desire. Write them down and put them to paper. List out the physical attributes that you find attractive. Be specific! Long or short hair? Color? Thick? Average? Bald? Eyes? The more specific you ask for, the longer it will take to bring him/her to you BUT s/he'll be everything you want. What kind of occupation does s/he have? Education level? I think you should be getting the picture by now. Guys, this goes the same for you if you're after a woman ... or another guy for that matter. The love spell works regardless of your sexual orientation.

Once you're finished, you will return your attention to the matter at hand. Traditional magic has you always facing East - mainly because you're facing the path of the Sun and gaining it's power as it passes from East to West. For this ritual however, you will face WEST, the realm of the Undines as they rule emotions and especially the emotion of "love".

Light your incense. Light your first pink candle and say,

”Spirits of the West, hear me! I come to you to seek your help in bringing me the love of my life. This is the person that I seek: (read description) I desire for his (or her) love for me to be genuine and real and I pledge this to you now: I will ever be faithful to him for the rest of his life. To you I swear, thus shall it be!"

Light your second pink candle and say,

”Nicksa, (pronounced Neeks- Sah) Ruler of the West; Lord of the Undines; Father of Emotions; Prince of Passions! Come and hear my call to help bring me the love of my life! This is the person that I seek: (read description) I desire for his love for me to be genuine and real and I pledge this to you now: I will ever be faithful to him for the rest of his life. To you I swear, thus shall it be!"

Light your third pink candle and say,

”Aphrodite, Queen Mother of the Emotion known as Love! I call to you to help bring to me, the love of my life! This is the person that I seek: (read description) I desire for his love for me to be genuine and real and I pledge this to you now: I will ever be faithful to him for the rest of his life. To You I swear, thus shall it be! O divine Mother known as Aphrodite Acid'alia! Aphrodite Anadyo'mene! Aphrodite Cypris! Aphrodite Morpho! I humbly beseech you to come to my aid in this matter!"

Now, face East, place your hand on your hand written petition and say, "By the powers and ever watchful eye of Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite Game'lii, Peitho and Artemis, I swear an oath that I will ever remain faithful in this relationship and never falter if you give ___'s love to be mine!"

Meditate and Contemplate

Sit and contemplate the oath you have sworn not once, but three times to the spirits as well as the grand promise to the five Gods of marriage and relationships. Woe unto you IF you gain your heart's desire and then spurn or cheat on him/her! Know that the oath you've sworn is far mightier than any court of law as the spirits will punish any who break their word! The Furies will be unleashed with a vengeance and that is something you do not wish to have happen.

Thus if you truly want this person, then be prepared to accept him/her into your life fully and unconditionally. You will know when the spirits have brought the right person to you as your heart will flutter, your skin will tingle when near him/her and they will find you irresistibly attractive. Perhaps not physically but they desire to be around you due to your sparkling personality, your wit, your engaging conversation or all of those things together.

Let the candles burn down 1" each day while you are home. You do not have to repeat the incantations however it is appropriate to relight a new stick of incense when you re-light your candles.

Once You've Gotten What You Desire

After you've obtained your heart's desire, go to the supermarket and choose some ripe fruit to put onto a small paper plate and set this on your altar, facing East. Light a simple white candle which you've dressed with either Seven African Powers oil OR Van Van oil - as either is appropriate way of praising the Spirits for their help.

Warning: realize that this is the most serious Love Drawing spell I know and that if you decide to test it, make sure that you are willing to go through all the way with it by bell, book and candle. You are making a pact (binding contract!) with the spirits for their help. You are pledging your life to the one they will help guide to you. This is a most serious matter because love is serious and it is not simply a good thing to play around with someone's emotions.

Thus do NOT perform this ritual if you merely want to get laid or just have sex. That is another type of ritual and you should never confuse the two as each has a separate intent and focus as well as outcome.

Realize too another small thing

The spirits are quite literal. If you describe in your mind a guy that looks like Brad Pitt, & you fill out the hair, eye, eyebrows, chin, shoulders, yadda-yadda-yadda, that the spirits may very well indeed match all your criteria BUT he most likely will NOT look like Brad Pitt or even close. THUS you only want to list those things YOU find attractive. And if a guy has "pretty shaped blue eyes" then say so in your description. While he may not end up looking exactly the way you want, if he has the pretty shaped blue eyes you just melt for, and all else is included, you have achieved your heart's desire!