You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
The Definitive Site About SORCERY

Who I Am

Greetings. I am Brother MOLOCH 9. 6. 9. and I am a spiritual worker, sorcerer and witch as well as a duly initiated Houngan Asogwe in Haitian Vodu.
Like many my practices started with Wicca and began on November 17, 1987 after reading the late Raymond Buckland's book "The Compleat Book of Witchcraft" over a three day period. I then decided I was tired of a failing childhood religion of my peers i.e. Xianity or Christianity (note I use the spelling Xianity like the monks did in medieval times as a sort of short hand only and NOT to remove "Jesus'" name from Christianity as many incorrectly believe).
Through the years I have been involved in psychic study groups, covens, and movements until I finally went off on my own because I was dissatisfied with the whole mainstream Wiccan movement. My goal was to focus my attention more on learning sorcery and developing my personal skills in subjects like evocation, necromancy, spiritism, and etc, so that I could master my personal universe as well as the universe immediately around me rather than having to react to the environment or rely on the good graces of some jerk pf a boss nor anyone else to give me what I wanted. I began my sorcery career on January 1st, 1990.
Over the years, my focus of study has consistently stayed within the realm of sorcery and that is because I considered sorcery the ultimate path of individual and personal power. Sorcery allows the most freedom of study and praxis for the individual seeker because it allows the individual liberal choices to look into various procedures/techniques while delving into areas that other practitioners would avoid all together.
I have spent years preparing myself to touch and master these realms of sorcery such as I have done the preparatory rites and rituals, developed methods of banishment as well as worked out protection spells and rituals, summoned lesser spirits to interview them in discussing various things that most others would consider beneath their dignity or station, i.e. sorcery. My magics may have seemed silly or foolish yet I assure you, there were reasons I have spent time doing them because these minor types of JuJu such as candle magic, gris-gris bags, talisman construction, astrology, Runic sorcery, herbal potion creation, chants, verse and song, dream workings and so much more taught me a great deal about myself and the universe around me. 
In the past I made the mistake of allowing myself to become enamored with social media. I guess I did this to be “one of the guys” and hang with everyone else to get in on the gossip. Now I simply don't care about that petty nonsense anymore. I have decided after a decade of wasting time on social media that it is best to get back to basics, depart from the foolishness and get back to what truly matters. This is where I began and this is where people can find me. Social media has not put much coin in my pocket in the decade I invested in it so it was time to walk away and get back to where everything all began: here with my website! Then start writing and creating once again.
I deal with spirits as well. "What types of spirits?" you ask, you name it, I deal with them. I’ve dealt with grimoire spirits for years from summoning the various 72 spirits from the legendary Goetia, the first book of the Lemegeton such as Volac, Seere, Marchosias whose tales I have put up on this site because the anecdotal material may not only entertain you but also enlighten you as to how dangerous these NPE’s (re: Non-Physical Entities another way to say spirits) are. However I also summon the Saints, Vodu LWA, Pagan Gods, Four Elementals (Air=Sylphs, Earth=Gnomes, Water=Undines & Fire=Djinns), Thralls (or artificial spirits), Ghosts & Hauntings, as well as spirits of Folklore & Mythology.

Client/Customer Testimonials


I finally got around to taking a few of the testimonials I have received over the past decade that have been submitted to me by satisfied clients and customers for both products and spiritual work which I have performed for them. These are just a sample of the satisfied people who do business with me over the past 10 years. Some use their real names while others are unable to do so due to personal and private circumstances which prevent them from doing that. Cut them a break about that. They're happy and each one has either come back or sent me other customers since which in itself says volumes.


Testimonial Page





Specializing in:

New Love (brand new love situations i.e. hetero, LGBTQ+)

Love Reconciliation (when your S/O leaves & you want them back!)

Lust (when the thrill is gone)

Court or Legal (you do not have to face a judge alone)

House Selling (got a home that's been sitting on the market?)

Uncrossings (get rid of all that bad luck)

Ancestral Work

Spirit Summoning

If you think you may have a case that my spirits and I would be interested in taking on, then contact me with the button on the left side (re:  Contact Moloch) so we can discuss your situation and see if your case merits my intervention or if you all you need is merely a Psalms and a some of my spiritual products.

Further if you have tried other spiritual workers “or” your own spiritual efforts and received no success, then it will be prudent for you to select a Level Three Hand Reading because now I need to see WHO your own Head Spirit is and WHY they are blocking your efforts at being happy. Remember this is a separate fee apart from any spiritual work I may do for you so be aware of the separate cost when ordering any readings prior to wanting me to perform spiritual work for you.


Some Personal Accomplishments

Over the years, I have been involved in many areas of the occult and metaphysics since my first foray back in 1987 in south Florida. I met a lot of very nice people and I have also met a plenty of strange and weird ones as well. (But hey aren't we all a bit strange? lol) Further I've seen things with my own eyes that cannot be explained and were not any sort of legerdemain nor prestidigitation involved. My travels have taken me to meet numerous fakes and some very genuine folks who could prove they had the gift of second sight.
 Things I have done over the years include (but aren't limited to:) 
  • Writing for Pagan and metaphysical magazines and journals
  • Organizing metaphysical events and festivals
  • Organizing covens and study groups  
  • Doing both newspaper and radio interviews  
  • Authored books and courses
  • Taught students and apprentices worldwide
  • Amassed a huge library of books on Sorcery, Magic, Mysticism and Astrology
  • Created several websites devoted to Sorcery  
  • Developed my own brand of Hybrid Sorcery Radionic instruments

How to Contact Me

If you take a moment, you will see a button on the left a button that says, "Contact MOLOCH" and that has all of the information you need on how to make contact with me. It has my updated email address, Skype information and etc, however I realize a LOT of people are either a.) dense OR b.) lazy  - you choose which because I get people still sending me messages to old email addresses I have not checked in months. Often these people send emails there asking for status checkups on their orders and I have clearly and specifically told clients and customers to make contact with me at my new Gmail address for the past 15 years! I have stated this not only all over this website but also in my blog, in articles, on my old radio show, and all over social media. I do my best to make myself available to the public but like many of you who do not answer your own phones over numbers you do not recognize, WHY should I just automatically spend every moment of the day answering emails or now Skype calls??? Because if I did only that I would NEVER get anything done! Hello?? So please do not be impatient. Just send a message and give me a bit of time to get back to  you. I have whittled the 72 hour period down to 24 hour turnaround time so that in itself should say something. :)

And do not be angry with me IF you send me an email to the wrong email address when I have explicitly stated where you can find my current email address!

Some Mighty Spirits










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