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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
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by Brother MOLOCH 969

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Divination is a tool that every witch should make use of. The reasons for this are many however it will help you to make a more clearly definitive answer. While you should never make a decision soley based on a divination - or even a series of them - it will help when you make your decision in light of the logical facts. How? Well often divination will show you things you did not take into consideration regarding your logical facts.

The root word of divination, "divine" means "of the gods" and the meaning behind divination is that you may receive answers from the gods for your questions. There are many terms of divination including augery, sortilege and prognosticate. There are also many forms of divination such as using hot candle wax in a bowl of water, reading tea leaves, watching the flight of birds, throwing bones, rolling a pair of dice, etc.

There are two prinicple methods for using divination. The first is use a formalized system such as the I Ching, Tarot cards, dice rolls, etc., where you ask the question and then lay out the cards, throw the coins or yarrow stalks or roll the dice. Then you can look up the meanings to your question from how the cards lay out, the coins or yarrow stalks fall or how the rolls of the dice come out. This is a simplified though viable form of divination.

Then there's the more esoteric form of divination where you allow your psychic senses to come to the surface of your consciousness and allow you to see things or tell you what it senses. This form of divination doesn't need any tools (such as cards, bones, dice, coins, etc.), in fact, one of the principle methods of this form is scrying. Scrying takes place usually while in an altered state of consciousness also referred to as a trance.

Some Witches will use a combination of formalized divination coupled with scrying to try and learn all the facts. Of the two methods, neither is greater than the other however scrying is tougher to learn and master whereas a more formalized system is easier to use. The idea is that after a time of using a formalized system, you'll soon be able to trigger trance states within yourself and no longer have the need to rely on the tools of the system.

How To Trance

Simply put, the best way is to get your body into a relaxed state of being. A slow, steady breathing rhythm is preferred. As you count your breaths, visualize yourself slowly walking down a long flight of stairs. These can be as pretty as ones made from marble or as creepy as moss covered granite ones. I've found it helps me when I imagine on each exhalation to be stepping down one step thus it is a simple way of timing the procedure and pacing yoursel.

When you reach the bottom, walk thru an archway into a room lit by candles in brass candle stick holders. In the center of the room, is a small pool of black water. If you were to stick your hand in it, the water would be pure and clean. Look deep into the pool of black water. Don’t strain your eyes but after a while of focus, you'll start to see a mist forming over the pool. You may see things after the mist clears and may not. This is your first time looking into your pool. Wait for a bit.

When you see something, most likely it will be in symbolic form so pay attention to shapes, colors and the numbers or amounts of things you'll see. You may see something and then again may not. But if you do see something, do your best to remember as much detail about it as you're able.

Time to Leave

To come out, simpy walk back thru the archway and count 100 steps up as you reach the surface. Close this stairwell off with a golden door that has a symbol on it that only YOU know what it is and a secret word that only YOU will know to say to make the door open.

Trancing is fun and exciting. When finished, write down what you saw if anything. Even if you don’t see anything this time around, try it again later. Just makes sure you take the required steps down, walk thru the archway and towards your pool. When finished, come back the exact same way.

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