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Books on Non-American Traditions

A lot of folks think that the only books on witchcraft worth reading are published by Llewellyn Worldwide. I am here to tell you such is not the case because there are many worthwhile books out there on the subject that are not only worthwhile but also give the Craft a different perspective than what American Wicca does.
Most of the following books do not have chapters on 'preachy' ethics, karma or threefold return rules. They are instead focused on witchcraft as a tradition more along the lines of an African religious system wherein the practitioner is responsible for him or herself.
Most all of these books can be obtained through Amazon but a web search should help you find them available through other sources if such is your desire. Try your local library and remember to ask your reference librarian for help in borrowing for an online “Historical Studies” class. ;) Sometimes a little BS goes a long way to cover your personal interests.
Sorgitzak: Old Forest Craft by Victoria Cummer - This is a book about the religion once practiced ages ago in the Old Forest region of Europe. The book contains channeled messages from the Gods of the Old Forest and from the fey, as well as stories, myths, legends, and bits and pieces of the old witch language. It is not meant to be a "Wicca 101" book, but the next stage towards witches, in particular those of European descent, being able to reclaim their heritage. In this regard, there is no other book currently out there quite like this one. Not only does it provide a link to the past, but it also gives witches a potential focus for the future.
Hedge-Rider: Witches and the Underworld by Eric De Vries - Hedgerider: Witches and the Underworld is a re-interpretation of (Hedge-)Witchery. Drawing from an extensive historical, folkloric and mythological body it re-attributes and re-defines Witchery as a Heathen Cult centred around the journey to the underworld and contact with the unseen. With the insights into cosmology, philosophy and practice this book provides a working body of Heathen Witch-lore, designed to transform the essence of humanity into something greater through contact with our fetch and the underworld itself primarily from a Germanic point of view. The downside to this book however is that de Vries like many of his contemporaries suffers from educated ignorance in that he doesn't actually believe in the Gods, elves or spirits he talks about in his book because he consistently refers to Them as "archetypes",the white middle-class English term people prefer to use when they're a fence rider about their spirituality. He does a great job informing you about Frau Holle, Hel and other spiritual denizens of the Otherworld yet will categorically state they're just aspects of your subconscious or in other words, 'figments of your imagination'. Other than this pathetic aspect of the book, it's pretty good.
To Fly By Night: The Craft of the Hedgewitch edited by Victorica Cummer - Hedgewitches utilize diverse techniques to undertake the night-flight into strange and sometimes dangerous places in order to gain spirit-allies, magical abilities and knowledge, to heal and to commune with the gods and the ancestors. From the ancient to the modern, from the philosophical and historical to the practical and mystical, these essays span a wide variety of paths and approaches. To Fly By Night features works by Robin Artisson, Christopher Crittenden, Veronica Cummer, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Eric de Vries, Rev. Jack Green, Raven Grimassi, Beth Hansen-Buth, Juniper, Sylva Markson, Jenne Micale, Papa Toad Bone, John Pwyll, Elige Stewart, Kari Tauring.
Horn of Evenwood: A Grimoire of Sorcerous Opeations, Charms and Devices of Witchery by Robin Artisson - Based on well-worn patterns and operations of traditional sorcery and European witchcraft from the 16th-19th centuries, this manual of magical arts provides a complete working system of Craft-sorcery which taps into the numina of the British Isles' folk-tradition, the Luciferian mysteries of the Witchmaster, traditional wortcunning, the Rades of Edric and Godda, and the hidden roads to Faery-Elfhame.
Resurrection of the Meadow by Robin Artisson - The grimoire contains, among other things, full instructions for sealing and protecting the "Meadow" or sanctified outdoors locations, the "Feery Feast", the manifesting of the powerful "Weird of the Cairn", the creation of sacred interaction-points with the "Convocation of the Meadow" or Land-spirits, various crossings, arboreal workings for harvesting and gathering sorcerous components from tree and plant wyrds, charms of increase and fertility, and the creation of the fearful "White Mommet" for works of sympathetic magic.
Balkan Traditional Witchcraft by Radomir Ristic - Translated into English by Michael C. Carter, Jr., this book, a best seller in its native Serbia, is an incredible look into the world of the Balkan witch, covering ritual trance, tools, rites for healing, love, divination, defense and for making charms. It also explores the supernatural beings that Balkan witches share their world with, deities, fairies and other spirits. There has never been such a deep exploration of the magic of this region available in English before.
The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill by Robin Artisson - This is a book that acts as a 'traveler's guide' to a hidden country within each human being. Primal peoples all over the world embrace the ideas discussed in this work: the animistic worldview, spiritual communion with the dead and the Unseen World, sorcery and magic.
Witchdom of the True: A Study of the Vana-Troth and the Practice of Seidr by Edred Thorrson - this is a study of the history, lore, religion and magic of the Vanic branch of the Germanic way. Its contents will prove of extreme interest to those of the Wiccan path or modern witchcraft, for it is in the way of the Vanir, or Wanes, that their roots are to be found. From a manuscript originally titled "True Wicca."
A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk by Peter Paddon - In this book Peter Paddon, Magister of Briar Rose and host of the popular Crooked Path podcast, covers his particular path of witchcraft from scratch. He goes over the basics of his personal path, along with examples of alternatives from other traditions, covering philosophy, lore and practical techniques. The Crooked Path is a way of crafting based on experiencing the mysteries of ancestors and the sacred landscape first-hand, and Peter guides the seeker through the basics with competence and humor.
Call of the Horned Piper by Nigel Jackson - The symbolism, archetypes & myths of the Traditional Craft, or Old Religion, in the British Isles & Europe. An exploration of the inner symbology, sacred cycles, working tools, incantations, spells & pathworking of European Witchery. A practical grimoire, THE CAULDRON called it, "...the most important book on witchcraft since Gardner's "Witchcraft Today". Highly recommended.
Masks of Misrule by Nigel Jackson - A unique and detailed study of the Horned God in the traditions of Britain and Europe, concentrating on the natural and mystical facets of this most compelling and enduring of archetypes. With the rituals offered in the book, this volume is a virtual esoteric grimoire of the inner mysteries.


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