Moloch's Vodu Services
Haitian Vodu At Reasonable Prices



There a number of things I can do to help you in your life with Haitian Vodu Sorcery thus if you do not see it here, ask. No job is too small nor too big.

If you are given a bath and told to bathe each night at the same time, then you are expected to do your part regardless of any and all circumstances! I have clients who do as they're told and wonder of wonders their lives have been positively affected which means they're more happy! Then there are those who come to me, I instruct them on what to do for their part and then they never do what they were told. These are the ones who always complain about lack of results.

Please Note: I do not engage in so-called Death Magic for sale thus do not ask. There are a lot of so-called practitioners out there who will do that cheap enough if you really want to kill someone. I am more interested in helping people grow and prosper. If you feel someone is justly deserving of punishment, then we can talk but do NOT ask me to kill them. Punishment is one thing, murder is quite another.

Ancestral Mass

A Mass sung for your Ancestoral Geudes.


Ancestral Feedings

Feeding your Ancestors is very important!


Car Garde

A guard to protect your automobile from damage, theft & other things.


Monthly Protection Services

Hire spirits to protect you 24/7 round the clock on a month-to-month basis. Reasonable and effective.


7 Day Vodu Lamp of Power

The intermediate step for those problems and situations that require a lot more power and oomph than traditional methods. 


21 Day Vodu Lamp of Power

The same as the 7 Day Vodu Lamp of Power but far more itensive and much more work is put into your request.


Vodu Ouanga Bag

When you need a Vodu ouanga bag to do what traditional sorcery charm bags cannot do, this is what you need. Good for everything except LOVE types of workings.


Court Case Vodu Working

When you have to appear in court and wish to have strong spiritual protection at your back! Let my LWA and familiar spirits be there for you.

No Price

House Selling Vodu Service

Having difficulty trying to get rid of your old home? Is it sitting on the market a bit too long? Contact me and let's see what I can do for you.

No Price

7 Day Uncrossing Ritual

The classic 7 day Uncrossing ritual performed by yours truly instead of yourself. I have everything I need right here including heavy handed spirits to help remove crossed conditions from you and your life (should the need arise). 


A Pact With A Spirit

I can set up a pact with any spirit for you. Price varies but begin at the listed price and go up depending on spirit, the complexity of your desire(s) and what the spirit requires of me as arbitrator to make this happen.


Spirits of Business

Spirits of business who can assist in helping you either build or make your existing business more prosperous.