Useful Sorceries
Tips & Techniques That Work
Here’s a new section of my site that I have been neglecting to put up due to time constraints but now that I have backed off from social media, I have far more time available to do this and other forthcoming projects you’ll be aware of. Feel free to give these simple yet practical ideas a try. Some of them will require you to purchase items from me but I’m using what I have at my disposal such as Jean’s Kabala oil which you cannot replicate yourself regardless of how often you try.
I got results from using these technique and so should you. Of course I cannot guarantee you will obviously for legal reasons however I have privately shared these with folks who have told me they got acceptable if not outright fantastic results using them so it’s worthwhile to give them a try at the least.
Enjoy them, share them with friends and please let them know where you found them. :) 
May you have many blessings!
Brother Moloch 969

Buckeye Luck
Get yourself a horse chestnut or what we Ohioans call a Buckeye because it looks like the eye of a buck or male deer. Wash it under cold water to remove any dirt or grime and use a fresh paper towel to wipe it down with. Now take your favorite luck or money oil as either will work fine and dress the buckeye with the oil. By the term dress I mean to anoint it with the tip of your finger and a dab of the oil. If you do not have any of such oil, take a small amount (such as a few drops) of cooking oil like olive or canola and pray over the oil drops asking for the drops to be infused with luck or money as you desire. It is best to ask for either ONE or the OTHER not both. 
Next, just dip your finger in the few drops of oil and smear it all over the buckeye covering it completely. You don’t need to put the oil on heavily but just make certain it is completely covered. Then get yourself a ‘new’ $1.00 US dollar (or whatever currency is equivalent in your country) from a local bank. Ask them for a brand new one if they can provide you with one. If asked why you need a new one, it’s really none of their business so I often just give them nonsense that it’s for a child’s first birthday card. You know? Something plausible. But the dollar should be ‘new’. Then wrap the new dollar around the dressed buckeye and pray over it to bring you luck or money - depending on what oil you dressed it with. You can use this incantation I invented:
“Oh hart who speeds through the forest thick,
Give heed unto my need and bring me luck (or money) quick,
With the poor I shall share a portion from thee thereof I receive,
And promise to be a kind soul because I have faith and believe!”
To use: simply carry the finished talisman in your left pocket - either shirt or pants pocket is fine - and when you have need of its power, mentally chant the rhyme above and finger the talisman. Use this when purchasing gambling tickets, or investments and so on. The reason you carry it in your left pocket is because this is the side your heart is on.
Then when you receive any financial gains from your magical Buckeye talisman, you simply share a meager 10% with the poor. There are many destitute street people who are hungry and in need of food so buy them a meal.

If you need a good, high quality money or luck oil, feel free to look in my Marketplace for these items as I have three strengths to choose from. 


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