Uncrossing Simplified
For Less Involved Situations

Among the practices of Sorcery, none have been so misunderstood as that of 'uncrossing'. For years, I too overlooked the importance of Uncrossing myself. Why? Outright foolishness if you will. I thought I was above such practices. "Why I don't need to uncross myself because I don't have any crosses!" I'd say to myself. *lol* Boy was I wrong.

Uncrossing signifies that a "cross" has been lain upon you. So what is a cross? It's a form of negative attack that is extremely subtle and very hard for us to see even though it can be self-inflicted and right in front of us at all times.

A crossed condition can be self-doubt, worry, guilt (any form), a bad habit, etc., something which can grow with time and manifest horribly in your life.

A cross is something which can both be self-inflicted (most common form) or sent to you by another's malice or spitefulness. For instance if you are dating a companion that your mother sternly dislikes, every time she thinks of you with that girl she's going to be thinking "I wish they'd break up! Or at least that other person go away!" This projection on your mother's part, my friend, is a hex or mild curse.

The danger of these kinds of curses and hexes is that they usually go untreated and like a thoughtform wandering on its merry way on the Astral, it can grow and grow and grow! In fact, a perfect example of a cross is an addiction such as alcoholism or drug addiction. The addiction is nothing more than a cross.

Sometimes, crosses can be placed upon a person by both the sender AND the victim themselves! If you have poor self-esteem or problems seeing yourself in a better light, and someone else thinks ill of you, especially repeated thinking ill of you, then you are going to be double crossed!

Crossed conditions can manifest in such negative ways that your personal life becomes a shambles. They can affect your personality (easiest) as well as your physical health! Ulcers are a simple form of stressed out living which can be caused by one simple form of crossed condition.

The Uncrossing Ritual

Your inward attitude reflects your outward self. The Hermetic axiom "as above, so below..." rings true for this fact. Your outward life is a mirror reflection of your mind, which swims daily in all sorts of mire and muck. Not that anyone has much of a choice to actually absorb the "muck" but with all of the self-imposed guilt, prejudices, hatreds, and all of the crap from advertising that you're subjected to, it's no wonder that it's hard to think rationally.

Why is this? You are carrying a burden of guilt around with you from your earliest upbringings. Few of you were lucky enough to have parents who told you that you could make it to the top if you really wanted it. Most of you have parents who have a 'loser' mentality or a mediocre attitude. They believe someone else controls them, and they are right! Sorcery can help you change YOUR life when coupled with rational thinking and a better attitude from you.

Everyday, we are constantly bombarded with psychic messages thorough advertisements, off hand comments, statements from authorities, and even the inner nonsense we tell ourselves. These 'messages' begin to gum up the machinery of our minds over a period of time and eventually we begin to believe this nonsense! What to do?

First, begin a daily routine of Uncrossing Rituals. Why? Simple, you need to begin shutting out all that garbage and you also need to neutralize what's already firmly rooted in your head. Finally, you must start a daily routine of Protection rituals which will strengthen your psychic aura to help weed out the garbage.

The typical Occult oriented protection rituals in and of themselves aren't enough to keep out all of the garbage messages but they will help harden your aura so you can handle the pressures of the world on a more even keel. The only way to keep a lot of that garbage mentality at bay is to become a recluse but even that has a "mental imbalance" side-affect to it.

So now that we know what we need to start off with, let's look at how a simple ritual should be done. For starters we'll use the Uncrossing Ritual as a foundation to learn from.

Altar Layout

I'll explain where to put the candles setup:

Candle 1 goes to the far back right corner of the altar. Candle 2 goes to the far back left corner of the altar. Candle 3 goes in the center of the altar and candle 4 sets next to the left of candle 3 in the center of the altar. The censer goes in the front left corner of the altar and your book of shadows, bible or whatever goes to the front right of the altar. This is a simplified altar layout.[1]

Now candle no.’s 1 and 2 are the Altar candles, which should be white. Number 3 is the Objective candle of what the rite is for which is Uncrossing itself. Number 4 is the Astral candle which represents you or the person for whom you are working the ritual for.

We'll anoint the altar candles with Van Van oil, the astral candle with an appropriate Zodiac oil (Aries if you're an Aries, Taurus if Taurus, etc.) The objective candle will then be anointed with Uncrossing oil since that's the objective desired. You could use Anointing oil on the altar candles if you wish or if you're unable to find Van Van oil for all candles. Anointing oil is one of the all purpose blends.

Prior to the ritual's beginning, take an Occult bath. If you don't have a tub only a shower, then take an "Occult shower.' While bathing, quiet your mind by slowing it down and will it to clear itself of all incoming messages. This usually takes a little practice to get really good at it but try to at least. Visualize all of the psychic dirt within and around you flowing down the drain. After the bath, anoint yourself first with your Zodiac oil then your Uncrossing oil[2]. Next you need to do a bit of ritual preparation such as anointing the chosen candles, mixing the incense, consecrating and charging candles, etc. Gather any needed herbs, roots, powders, talismans, etc., before you light your first candle. For the sake of brevity, we'll assume you've done all you've needed to do for now.

Light the Uncrossing incense. Next, light candle number one on your right and make a sincere petition to the higher forces to watch over you then light candle number two, and repeat your petition. Stand erect and perform a simple energy charging exercise to fill yourself with energy. This can be in the form of the Middle Pillar rite, Tree Meditation, Chakra Recharging ritual, etc. Now you're going to draw the Circle of Power for containment and your protection.

Now comes the petitioning. This is where you first make a declaration of what the ritual's intent is for. Since this is an Uncrossing ritual, you want to say something like:

“This ritual is dedicated to cleanse me of all negativity" As you see it does not have to be all that complicated. In fact, complicated rituals are usually nowhere near as effective as the straight and simple ones. Light your Astral candle and say something like: “This candle represents myself on the astral planes. Let my inner fire be lighted in like manner. Candle, illuminate my being, for I am I!" Light the Objective candle and focus yourself on the objective at hand. In this case, we are concerned with Uncrossing yourself from negativity. As you light this candle say something like:

”May the Spirits assist me to remove all negativity from my body, mind and soul! Oh Spirits, use the energies from this candle, and release thy powers to heal and protect me! Rally thy Spirit brothers to assist my plight! Come Spirits of healing and protection, uncross me and transmute my plight from bad to good!"

In your mind's eye, visualize yourself being cleansed of all negativity. See this energy dissipating as it drops from you. Then feel the power of healing energies come pouring forth into your body. Allow it to heal you and bathe yourself in it totally. Finally when finished see yourself within a protective ring of power all about your aura. Clearly see it to strengthen your psychic shields. Know that the good Spirits stand guard over you and are watching for you on your behalf.

Once you feel more secure, you may extinguish the candles or allow the incense and candles to burn continuously until they go out of their own accord. It's totally up to you.

In this rite, it's preferred to use the little .5" X 6" candles and place them safely so you won't have to worry about them burning but make sure you don't allow your pets or kids to enter this area. These little candles are perfect for daily rituals and they burn approximately two full hours.

This simple ritual is an example to show you how you can gain equilibrium on a day by day basis. It is considered the "all purpose" ritual since it covers so much ground for so little effort. You should do this ritual nightly for about seven full days. Regular use will spare your home environment of the ills of the world. It will be easier for you to unwind and you'll have much less stress and worry.

BTW, if you don't care to try to make up your own petitions, you can effectively pray the following Psalms and get great results! Speak each Psalm three times in full.

Psalm 91, Psalm 51, Psalm 65.

The Potions Used

Uncrossing (traditional) Lavendar, rose, bay, verbena

Uncrossing (ala Tarostar) Wisteria, lilac, verbena, rose geranium

Van Van (traditional) Rose, vanilla, vetivert, lemon, almond (optional)

Van Van (ala Tarostar) Almond, white musk, wisteria, verbena

Anointing (traditional) Patchouli, cinnamon, verbena

Anointing (ala Tarostar) Palma Christi, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh

The above recipes can be used for both incenses or anointing oils. To do the oil thing, just add the essentials to a solid base such as grape seed oil or perhaps safflower oil. To make the incense, either add the oil potions to a bamba wood base OR simply take the leafy herbs and crush them in a mortar & pestle and use copious amounts on hot coals.



[1] This altar layout is standard for most rituals of Sorcery.

[2] You anoint yourself by rubbing a few drops of the oil on your finger tips and rubbing the top of your head, then ritualistically rubbing a few drops of the oil on your forehead, temples, groin and finally your knees. Use oils sparingly when anointing yourself as many of the ingredients may burn your skin or cause a reaction to sensitive skin.

Hope this helps!


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